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Enjoy Donghae and Zhoumi Flawlessness

Donghae & Zhoumi's Message for Super Junior M
guest starring Ryeowook, Henry, Sungmin and Eunhyuk

credit to SMTown's Official Youtube Page

Mi: We are all happy to be able to meet everyone again soon! We gave fans two gifts already. The first is *speaks Korean as cue to Hae*
Hae: Music Video!
Mi: Teaser! And the second *points to Hae*
*Donhae points right back*
Mi: We revealed our new album press conference on January 7th. And now we will give you the third gift, it's a surprise too. That is on January 7th fans from all over the world if you have any questions for Super Junior M, for example about our new album, if you are curious about album concept/style, music, dance, anything you're curious about you can ask. We will draw out your questions and answer them 1 by 1.
Hae *something about giving lots lots lots of support with funny hand gestures*
Mi: So this time it's real, we will answer all your questions. So hope all our fans will eagerly come to see our press conference. You can go to SMTown official page, as well as FB and Twitter. To start... To start..
Hae: Press conference *in Mandarin* (HyukMin come in)
Zhoumi: Finding out more about this event.
Hyuk: Donghae-ssi, speak something too will you
Hae: Everyone please give us lots lots lots lots of support" with silly hand gestures.
Hyuk: what's with that "lotslotslots"
Ming: *imitates Donghae*
Hae: If you give a lot, you'll grab this a little, that a little *hand gesture*
Hae: We'll let you know everything
Wook: Hello
Hyuk: Know everything what?? Better give the mic only to ZhouMi, he was the only one talking anyway
Hae: Because he's good (at talking)
Mi: Ohh this is making me nervous
Hae: Mumbles something + sings breakdown
Hyuk: What are you saying?! Get a grip on yourself a bit will you? Aigooo
(Henry and Mimi being adorbs)
Translation credits: ELF-Thoughts and honeydewname

So excited for their comeback. Dorks. Love Donghae's preciousness over Mimi's Mandorian? Koreandarin?
Also mods/admins, may we please have tags for Zhoumi and Henry? Please and thank you!! And if you see this post twice, my apologies, LJ is wonky for me right now :/
Tags: donghae, eunhyuk, ryeowook, sungmin, super junior, super junior-m
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