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School 2013 - Ep 11 [ENG SUB]

Spoiler Warning!
These comments contain spoilers for School 2013

Episode 11 (ENG SUB)

Episode 11 recap (via Dramabeans)

link to Episode 10 discussion post on omona

(yes, i stalker-clicked and chose a bunch at random). the bottom two go with this blurb from akp:

On January 3rd, Choi Chang Yup [OP note: Minki] uploaded the pictures above onto his Twitter and along with it wrote, “At Jonghyun-hyung’s place.”

Kim Jong Hyun [OP note: Jong Hyun] also wrote on his Twitter saying, “My friends from classroom 2 came over today. Ultra, best, great, giant, super, best feeling. I have to go to school tomorrow so I should sleep early tonight,” referring to his co-stars and returning to filming for ‘School 2013′.

Kim Woo Bin wonders whether to accept Lee Jong Suk’s apology/apple

Actor Kim Woo Bin brought smiles with his post on me2day.

The actor recently uploaded the picture above and along with it wrote, “Go Nam Soon, should I accept your apology[or apple]?“, as to mirror the tension between the characters depicted in their drama.

It seems the two actors, who are known to have developed a bond while working on this project, were goofing around on the filming set as Kim Woo Bin is wearing the school uniform he wears for ‘School 2013‘ and is debating whether to accept Go Nam Soon’s (played by Lee Jong Suk) apple.

This is a play on words because the Korean word for apology is sa-gwa which is a homonym for apple. Fans commented, “You guys should win the best couple award,” “Make up and become friends,” and ”This what you call playing hard to get!”

‘The Horse Healer’ and ‘School 2013′ both suffer a drop in viewer ratings

Both of MBC and KBS‘s Monday-Tuesday drama suffered a drop in viewership ratings.

According to information released by AGB Nielsen Media Research, the January 7th broadcast of MBC’s ‘The Horse Healer‘ recorded a nationwide viewer rating of 16.6%. This is a 1.5% decrease from its previous episode, but it has still managed to come out on top among competing dramas in its time slot.

KBS’s ‘School 2013‘ also faced a similar situation as the drama’s latest episode received a viewership rating of 13.1%. In comparison, last week’s episode garnered 15.2%.

On the otherhand, SBS‘s ‘The Lord of Dramas‘ recorded 6.7% in nationwide ratings, a 0.1% increase from its previous episode.

Recap - girlfriday @Dramabeans
Apple - akp
Ratings - akp
Twitter pics - akp
Choi Chang Yup @99chacha - 1 2 3 4 5 6

This post will contain spoilers! Please consider this before you click!

How did ep10 compare to ep11? Select all that apply.

Not enough Woo Bin!
Not enough Lee Jong Suk!
Not enough of the secondary characters!
Not enough happened!
Too much happened!
Too many feels!
I like Teacher Kang now?!

What did you think of the episode, omona??
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