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London Fashions in Kpop [Fashion Post!!]

Welcome to the final special edition on UK fashions in Kpop. We’ve looked at how some of the biggest names in Korea have been wearing clothes designed here in the UK, and this article will be no different. Here we’ll be looking at artists from JYP, Cube, TS Ent and several other smaller companies who have shown a great appreciation for UK designers.

gongchan ashish

To begin with, we have B.A.P's Daehyun, wearing this Alexander McQueen shirt during B.A.P’s performance of ‘the egg song’ on Inkigayo… whatever that was. I'm not a massive fan of the shirt, but it's not bad.

Anyway, you can find this shirt here for £65.42, very reasonable for McQueen.


Now, onwards to B1A4, here we have Gongchan wearing this really nice sweater from a brand incredibly popular with Korean idols in 2011, 2012 (and probably in 2013 too), Ashish. Unfortunately I don’t have a buy link for this sweater, but Ashish is really expensive, so if you’re looking for affordable/reasonably priced clothes, this is probably not the sweater for you. (Or for OP T_T)


Amusingly, (and some of you might have noticed this already) the model who is wearing Gongchan’s sweater on the catwalk is also (at the same time) wearing these rainbow trousers that GD wore in his music video for Crayon.


I cannot express how truly thankful I am that neither GD nor Gongchan tried to pull of that look. The collective outfit is interesting for sure…

Next, also in Ashish is 4Minute’s Hyuna. I really like this jacket a lot! I know a lot of people are sick of this leopard print trend but I’m a big fan of it. I like the bright colours and I like how Hyuna wears it. Sadly I don’t have a buy link for this jacket, which is such a shame because I’d like to buy it myself! Saying that, like always with Ashish, this brand is damn expensive, so maybe it’s for the best that I don’t have a buy link.


Again, some of you may have noticed that Hyuna is wearing a jacket that looks very similar (if not the same) to this jacket that GD was wearing. I think it's the same jacket!

GD ashish

Who wore it better, GD or Hyuna?

Burn it
It should be taken from both of them and donated to OP

Moving away from Ashish and back to a brand we know pretty well by now, here is Wonder girls Sohee wearing these really cute tights from House of Holland. Sadly House of Holland is only showing the silver version on their website and even then it’s sold out. Such a shame. You can view the tights here and see that once in time you could have bought them for £7.50! (Seeing as there’s no way to buy these tights, if you’re interested, you might want to check out House of Holland’s other tights and leggings, they have some really amazing designs.)


Next, as those of you with keen eyes might have noticed, we have Dahee from girl group Glam wearing Lazy Oaf’s batman dress. I like this dress a lot, it looks so stylish! You can’t find this dress on the Lazy Oaf website any more sadly, but I have found one on ebay, and word is that there are loads for sale on ebay, so if you want this dress, you might want to grab one before they all go. (Especially as you’ll be competing with Cheryl Cole fans, as she was seen wearing one too!)


Additionally, also wearing Lazy Oaf (and in the batman style) in Glam’s ‘I Like It’ music video, we have member Zinni, wearing this batman crop top, that those of you who read the SM Town fashion post may remember it being worn by Jessica in the ‘I Got a Boy’ music video. I love all this batman themed clothing in Glam’s video, it suits them and looks really cool. Sadly this top is completely sold out, so I don’t have a buy link, sorry!


Also from Glam, you can see maknae Miso wearing this gorgeous batman Lazy Oaf hoodie. The hoodie is made for guys but obviously that doesn’t matter because it suits her perfectly! You can buy this hoodie here for £38, bargain!


Okay, last piece of Lazy Oaf and last piece from Glam too, leader and rapper Jiyeon can be seen in this black and white batman shirt. Sadly it’s sold out so I don’t have a buy link, but you might have better luck than me finding one on ebay.


Finally, finishing with House of Holland, we have this cute bingo balls pattern top that Hyuna wore in the globally famous ‘Gangnam Style’ music video! Unfortunately I’ve only managed to find a buy link on this Korean website, so it might be a bit difficult to purchase. Still, it’s there if you want it, priced at 247,000 Won, which is roughly £143.


Thanks for reading! I hope you all enjoyed the special editions of UK style!

[A/N: Boy London were removed from the original post because they feature Nazi symbols in their clothing and I don't want to promote a brand that thinks this is somehow acceptable.]

Source: UnitedKpop
Clothing sources: Darling You (House of Holland), Lazy Oaf, Ebay, House of Holland, Menlook (Alexander McQueen)
Credit twitter HarribeI & Compiled by fantaesticbaby
Tags: b.a.p, b1a4, fashion, g-dragon, glam, hyuna, poll, sohee, wonder girls
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