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SNSD reveals their thoughts about their comeback, future plans and more + Photoshoot!

Girls' Generation who started this year with a bang has revealed their thoughts about their comeback, future plans and more through their recent interviews with the media.

In one of their interviews the girls revealed their honest opinions on the unfamiliar responses their 'unconventional transformation' has raised up. They acknowledged that they also experienced a strange feeling when they first heard the song, like the general public is now and the members continued with...

Seohyun stated, "Because the genre, tempo change, and other things were things we've never done before, I didn't know what was what in the composition itself. I think it not being a hook song made it seem like this even more". However, she emphasized, "When you listen to our song once, you're listening to it with superficial knowledge, and you discover fun elements the more you listen to it. The members also said it's a lot better listening to it 100 times, compared to just once".

Leader Taeyeon said that she will treasure and accept the likes and dislikes of the general public, but that growing and showing new sides of them is another one of their duties. Taeyeon stated, "Even if the trend and image we are aiming for are like this, even if it isn't your own style/preference, we hope that you would understand it as, 'Girls' Generation's style'. This doesn't mean that the Girls' Generation from 'Kissing You' is gone".

Seohyun also said, "What we were seeking was doing music that we mature and grow into. When we debuted, wearing sneakers, not yet in our 20s, doing music that suited us at that time, and in our early 20s, we wore white t-shirts and jeans for that freshness". On this, Tiffany also stated, "Music that fits our age seemed like it suited our current appearances. Rather than a transformation, it's a natural change that suits that time period, so please watch us grow even more".

It also seemed like people calling their choreography a change was also surprising to them. Taeyeon stated, "The choreography isn't new, but actually something we practiced and learned before our debut. It reminded us of our trainee days, and I think we had more fun because of it. It is fierce, but the moves themselves are ones we did since we were little, so it's comfortable and fun".

She added, "Starting with acting in the beginning, it's important to be in sync with one another, and it was different for every stage. In the end, it was to the point where we postponed schedules for the music video because of our dance practice. You can't just memorize the moves. You have to understand the story of the song, and, because it's our first album in a while, we practiced even more actively. Because a musical-like side was added to a style that isn't regular, we had to change the choreography and song many times".

Yuri stated, "At first, I was a bit baffled. There was a space between the choreography we normally did, and I worried if the 9 of us would be able to express it well. However, because the styles each of us learned as trainees was so similar to this choreography, I felt a lot of interest while practicing. Because I wanted to pull it off well, I requested a lot of practice time. There are a lot of elements that allow us to express feelings in a way that it looks like a musical, watching the members change things in a fun and diverse way whenever we get on stage is fun in itself".

Tiffany revealed difficulties in their strength because of the powerful dance as well. "Because the song is really long and we're dancing like this for the first time in a while.. And because we only did pretty dances, it's to the point where we have to take 20 minute breaks after doing a dance, that tires us out physically, once. Staff members said that it feels like they're losing weight just by watching us. I think it might be hard for a male group to pull off, too. However, after a week of comeback stages, I feel like my body has gotten stronger/better, and I have found an energy through this choreography".

In conclusion, Girls' Generation said that, while looking at various responses, they do feel some burden when it comes to feeling they need to transform each time. Hyoyeon stated, "It's not really pressure, but there is a burden. We have to show a new image, but we think 'what if we don't meet their expectations?'". Tiffany added that shey don't have to change every time, but, through that burden, they are able to work harder.

Yuri stated, "I do fear making new attempts. That burden isn't 'Girls' Generation has to be like this', compared to other girl groups, but the burden amongst members, trying to show people that I've grown more from the previous album. Having to show a greater, more matured me. I want people to see Girls' Generation as a group that has diversity, like our current, unfamiliar appearance. We're scared, worried, and unsteady whenever an album releases, but does that mean that will only come true when the development we think of gets acknowledged? We're proud, grateful, and enjoy the process of which we prepared and practiced itself".

When asked about their thoughts about their comeback:

Seohyun: We were longing for a stage where all 9 are standing together. We made the fans wait for too long. We decided on our title song after much thought, wondering how we could show [the fans] a new appearance, different from that of our past.

Taeyeon: We were burdened, wondering what we would need to show you all. We were happy because the comeback show was an opportunity to unwrap and show the repertoires members had during the hiatus.

There are disagreements in assessments on the new song. There are also responses that it's excessively difficult.

Seohyun: We expected those responses. At first, we also worried a lot about how we would pull off music like this. The general public likes hook songs that wrap around you ear. Still, we can only do the same kind of music for so long. We had to make a new attempt musically.
Tiffany: It's true that it comes off as difficult when you first hear it. But the more you listen to it, the more you'll start liking it. We were like that, too. As time goes by, you will be able to realize that it's a good song.

The choreography for this song seems difficult, too.

Taeyeon: It's a choreography we did a lot as trainees. It made me think of the past, and had fun preparing.

Seohyun: Girls' hip-hop was a first, but I think putting in Girls' Generation's own feel was the greatest homework/task.

Sooyoung: Because the song is so long, when you sing it all, it feels like you've completed a race. If you don't regulate your pace, it's to the point where it's difficult to breath after one song is over. I was really nervous, but I think I'm gaining a little composure.

Jessica was criticized for not doing the head banging part of the choreography well.

Jessica: I will spin my head to the point where my head will fall off (? or something like that) (laughs) I did spin my head, but I think it just got captured like that.

There are some people who are worried you've caught 'star disease' after becoming successful.

Sooyoung: I think things becoming familiar is scary. Because the broadcast station became comfortable like home, there are times where I get relaxed, and in that moment, I could hear that I've become arrogant because of a change in facial expression.

Tiffany: I think it's a problem we have to pay more attention to and think about.

Taeyeon: I think there are misconceptions because we have so many members.

As soon as we entered 2013, there have been a lot of incidents and mishaps. Have you worried at all that Girls' Generation's comeback would be buried in all this?

Taeyeon: Wouldn't we bury those incidents?

Tiffany: Because we relayed releasing teaser videos after the prerelease of 'Dancing Queen' late last year, fans were waiting a lot. Because the fans gave us such a great response, I didn't know (of the other incidents).

Sooyoung also got swept into a dating rumor with Wonbin.

Sooyoung: I was still/didn't do anything…… But I got hurt a lot.

Tiffany: It felt like we'd be jealous of Sooyoung at first because it was with a famous star. But Sooyoung always dreams of a pretty wedding. Dating rumors with someone we've never met before isn't right. I heard the start was from a picture of Wonbin swimming. So I was even more upset. (Sooyoung literally means swimming in Korean)

What are your plans for the future? Fans seemed to wish for a solo concert in Korea or a radio show with just the members.

Tiffany: The most enjoyable thing is Girls' Generation's solo concert. We're preparing for it. We really want to do it before this year ends, and I think we will be able to do it.

Yuri: The members also talk about how it sounds like a good idea to do a radio show together.

Tiffany: At the past V Concert, we did a viewable radio-like thing, and it was really fun. It's even better when it's just us doing it together. Girls' Generation's radio, I wish we'd get to do it if given the opportunity.

The music market in the country has been changing rapidly and competition is fierce. Girls' Generation has also become one of the handful of veteran girl groups.

When asked about this, Yoona stated, "When we appeared on a music show, there wren't that many senior singers. Actually, the only senior singer was (Baek) Jiyoung unnie".

When asked if they will have will have an even more mature image for the next song, Tiffany and Jessica replied, "We will just try our best to fit whatever we get assigned".

Seohyun revealed, "Rather than the image on the outside, our goal is to seem mature musically. We are trying to progress forward and pursue newer things from previous styles".

When asked about their future plans and goals for this year, the girls expressed:

Taeyeon: "I'm becoming more ambitious with each year. I realize that my passion is growing bigger. That's why performing in broadcasting stations doesn't quench my thirst. I want to perform more on stage. I want to gain energy from the fans and it's my goal to show the fans what they want to see."

Yuri: "In order to have a more creative outlook in different areas, I want to have a bigger picture. I want to be an artist who can express more original content. I want to excel in one thing and have that naturally connect with other areas. It would be great if I can show my best sides.

Seohyun: "This is the first time I participated in the album as a lyricist. I want to compose too. The unnis work really hard and are good role models. I want to try the stuff unnis did like musicals and being an MC. I want to work really hard one step at a time."

Tiffany: "I, too, think more about music and singing with time and experience. I want to work even harder on music and I'm starting to be interested in acting as well. I'm looking at Korean scripts as well as ones in English and want to try acting."

Sooyoung: "I'm currently MCing SBS's ‘Midnight Entertainment TV.' I'm really enjoying the work. After I get older and have more experience, I will be able to have more stories to share and give advice. That's why I'd like to host a talk show when I'm older and also act in a good project like a drama or movie."

YoonA: "I've acted in dramas, but I think I'm able to get these roles because I'm a part of Girls' Generation. I want to continue promoting as Girls' Generation while take on good projects and try different characters. In the past, I wanted to leave my Girls' Generation image while I acted. But since I'm currently active in Girls' Generation, I want to play a character that would match what the public sees in Girls' Generation's YoonA.

Jessica: "I also have a lot of greed, so rather than wanting to do something, if there's a chance and an opportunity, I want to continue singing and acting in musicals. If that's the case, then I would have to constantly practice. I think that it's important to learn. I'm currently studying a lot.

Hyoyeon: "I think that I haven't really shown myself on stage yet. Just like how I want to show a lot of things on stage, I want to show more good things."

Sunny: "I also have a fun time trying new things, but I want to focus on the things I'm doing right now. It's important to try new and different things, but more importantly, I would try if I'm confident about it. If it's like clothes that don't fit, I think it's right to decline the opportunity. I want to focus on the things I'm doing now."

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