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Comedian Jung Hyung Don made a cameo in the music video of 2YOON’s debut single “24/7.”

A representative from Cube Entertainment revealed, “Jung Hyung Don made a surprise guest appearance in the music video. He’s really close to 4Minute and when he heard about 2YOON preparing their debut album, he was very interested. Despite his busy schedule, he accepted the offer without any hesitation. The music video will be as fun and energetic as the music. And you can definitely expect some laughs from his cameo. “

Close friend Jung Hyung Don wasn’t the only comedian to appear in 2YOON’s music video. Gag concert comedian and labelmate Kim Giri was also eager to participate in the sub-unit’s debut music video and is expected to deliver quite the funny performance as well.

2YOON’s title track “24/7″ is a country pop number which will be the first at the genre on the Korean pop music scene. It is a cheerful and uptempo track with an addictive melody. The song is about escaping the boring routine of everyday life.

Meanwhile, 2YOON’s debut mini album “Harvest Moon” will be released on January 17 on digital sites.

Mini-album name: Harvest Moon
Release date: 17 Jan 2013

- Gayoon was the visual director for the mini-album
- Jiyoon contributed to Track #4

· Tracklist:
1. 24/7 [TITLE TRACK]
2. 악몽 (Nightmare) (feat. Ilhoon)
3. Why not
4. 쎄쎄쎄 (feat. Kikaflo)
5. Black Swan (feat. Nassun)

“Harvest Moon”, the mini album, has the meaning of bearing the fruits of labor as a result of months of hard work.”

1. 24/7
· Title track
· Country pop dance track

The title track of the mini album, “24/7″, is about pulling ourselves out of the monotonous routines that we go through 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to seek a free, exciting life. It is a song that has an exciting intro and fun atmosphere. It combines the liveliness of country-pop with Gayoon’s high notes and Jiyoon’s powerful singing into a wonderful harmony.

· MV features comedians Jung Hyungdon & Kim Giri
· Composition/Lyrics: Lee Sang Ho, Seo Jae Woo, Seo Yong Bae
· Arrangement: Seo Jae Woo, Seo Yong Bae

This trio’s past work includes:

Lee Sang Ho
o 2009: 4minute – For Muzik (music)
o 2009: 4minute – Muzik (with others – lyrics & music)
o 2009: 4minute – What A Girl Wants (with others – music)
o 2009: Beast – Bad Girl (with others – lyrics & music)
o 2009: Beast – Mystery (with others – lyrics & music)
o 2010: 4minute – I My Me Mine (with others – lyrics & music)
o 2010: Beast – Shock (with others – lyrics & music)
o 2010: Beast – Special (with others – lyrics & music)
o 2010: Beast – Beautiful (with others – lyrics & music)
o 2010: CNBLUE – I’m A Loner (with others – composed & arranged)
o 2010: T-ara – Why Are You Being Like This? (with others – music; arrangement)
o 2011: G.Na – Top Girl (with others – produced)
o 2012: 4minute – Love Tension (with others – lyrics & music)
o 2012: CNBLUE – Hey You (with others – composed & arranged)
o 2012: FT Island – I Wish (with others – music; arrangement)

Seo Jae Woo & Seo Yong Jae
o 2011: Beast – Back To You (lyrics, music & arrangement)
o 2012: 4minute – Say My Name (lyrics & music)
o 2012: 4minute – Ready Go (Seo Jae Woo only – with others – lyrics)
o 2012: Hyunah – 풋사과 (Unripe Apple) feat. Jung Ilhoon (lyrics & music)
o 2012: BtoB – Insane (composed)
o 2012: G.Na – Green Light feat. Jay Park (Seo Jae Woo only – arrangement)
o 2012: G.Na – 2HOT (Seo Yong Bae only – with others – arrangement)
o 2012: BtoB – Press Play (lyrics, music & arrangement)
o 2012: BtoB – WOW (with others – lyrics, music & arrangement)
o 2012: BtoB – I Only Know Love (with others – lyrics, music & arrangement)

2. 악몽 (Nightmare) (feat. Jung Ilhoon – BtoB)
· Composition: Lee Sang Ho
· Lyrics: Lee Sang Ho, Mario (A CUBE singer/rapper)
· Arrangement: Seo Jae Woo, Seo Yong Bae

3. Why not
· Remake – from demo track | Original: Psyco New
· Composition: Thomas Troelsen, Robert S Nevill, Keeley Hawkes, Mich Hansen, Mikkel Remee Sigvardt
· Lyrics: Yoon Hae Joo
· Arrangement: Kim Jin Hwan

· Thomas Troelsen, one of the composers for the original track, also composed/produced some of these Kpop hits (he’s an SME composer):

o 2008: TVXQ – Mirotic
o 2008: BoA – Eat You Up (song)
o 2008: SHINee – SHINee World
o 2010: Girls’ Generation – Run Devil Run (single)
o 2010: BoA – DANGEROUS (Hurricane Venus album)
o 2010: BoA – ADRENALINE (Hurricane Venus album)
o 2010: f(x) – Nu ABO (song)
o 2011: f(x) – Gangsta Boy (Pinocchio mini-album)
o 2011: f(x) – Hot Summer (Pinocchio mini-album)
o 2011: Super Junior-M – Perfection (song)
o 2011: Super Junior – Opera (Mr. Simple album)
o 2012: EXO – History (single)
o 2012: Girls’ Generation – Lazy Girl
o 2012: SHINee – Sherlock (Clue+Note)
o 2012: TVXQ – Humanoids

Robert S. Nevill, another one of the composers for the original track, is a well-known singer, song-writer and producer in the US – best known for his 1986 hit, C’est La Vie; he is well-known for the following work:

Nevil turned to writing and producing for acts such as Babyface, Jessica Simpson and Destiny's Child. In 2006, he collaborated with Matthew Gerrard on the Smash Mouth album Summer Girl. Gerrard had been writing for Disney for some time and their work led to a partnership working on Disney projects including The Cheetah Girls, High School Musical, and Hannah Montana franchises.

4. 쎄쎄쎄 (Clap Clap Clap) feat. Kikaflo
· Composition: Lim Sang Hyuk, Jeon Jiyoon, Park Soo Seok
· Lyrics: Lim Sang Hyuk, Jeon Jiyoon, Park Soo Seok, Kikaflo
· Arrangement: Lim Sang Hyuk, Jeon Jiyoon, Park Soo Seok

· 2YOON’s Jiyoon contributed to the composition, lyrics & arrangement of the song
· Lim Sang Hyuk’s past work includes:

o 2010: Beast – Break Down (with others – lyrics & music) [Mastermind mini-album]
o 2010: Secret – Empty Space (with others – lyrics & music) [Madonna mini-album]
o 2011: 4minute – 4minutes Left (Intro) [with others – lyrics & music] [4minutes Left album]
o 2011: 4minute – You Know (with others – lyrics & music) [4minutes Left album]
o 2011: 4minute – Already Gone (with others – lyrics & music) [4minutes Left album]
o 2011: 4minute – Badly (나쁘게) [lyrics; with others – music] [4minutes Left album]
o 2012: 4minute – Get On The Floor (with others – lyrics & music) [Volume Up mini-album]
o 2012: BtoB – U & I (with others – composed) [Press Play mini-album]

5. Black Swan feat. Nassun
· Remake – from demo track | Original: Backrow
· Demo Track:
· Composition: Lars Aass, Ole Henrik Antonsen, Claudia Mills
· Lyrics: Yoon Hae Joo, Nassun
· Arrangement: Kim Tae Ho

· The writers of the original track, Lars Aass & Ole Henrik Antonsen, are known collectively as Jim & Jack – here are some details on them:

Jim & Jack is a Norwegian record production and songwriting team consisting of Lars Aass and Ole Henrik Antonsen.

When Lars & Ole decided to get together and form a production writing team named after their favourite brand of spirits, they had already written and produced some of the biggest artists in Norway, selling more than 10 x platinum and on two occasions written and produced the best selling album of the year.

Internationally, they also had cuts with Kylie Minogue, S Club 7, M2M and UK Idol.

They are starting to make their mark internationally by writing and producing for Syco artist Shayne Ward, Warner signed artist Oliver Tompsett, Warner artist Mel C, Motown/Universal artist Tone Damli and Japanese Universal artist Baby M. They are hoping to reach their goal of scoring as many worldwide hits as possible and getting that sponsor deal with Jim Beam & Jack Daniel's.

Nassun was the rapper featured in Lee Hyori’s 2008 hit, U-Go-Girl. He has also collaborated with Hyunah for the song 황야의 무법자 (Outlaw in the Wild) while Kim Tae Ho contributed to the lyrics of 4minute’s Ready Go

SOURCES | Newsen | Asiae | 4MF (1 & 2 & 3) | fergiename
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