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lol CCM: 17 seconds of SPEED’s MV for It’s Over 'accidentally' leaked

SPEED‘s upcoming MV for new track, “It’s Over“, suffered an accidental leak and 17 seconds of the video was unveiled prior to its scheduled release.

Core Contents Media stated on the 11th, “SPEED’s title track “It’s Over” music video’s 17 sec. compilation was accidentally leaked by the mistake of the homepage administrator.”

The leaked footage is said to contain a bit of the choreography and song, but as it is only 17 seconds, the full track nor the dance has been completely revealed, much to the relief of the agency.

A rep stated, “We will make sure that part 2 of the ‘Sad Promise‘ MV, which is currently receiving attention for its portrayal of the 5.18 Gwangju Democratization Movement, will not undergo this same error and are carefully editing the production in a secure place.”

The full MV for SPEED’s “It’s Over”, the part 2 to “Sad Promise”, will be released on the 15th!

source: allkpop
Tags: co-ed, mbk entertainment
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