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Infinite H Debut Showcase performances + Hoya's adoration of Dongwoo's smile

Victorious Way

Without You (ft. Zion T)

Special Girl (Ft. Bumkey)

못해 (Feat. 개코 Of Dynamic Duo)

Source: Infinitedongsuni

INFINITE H discussed each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Before their showcase at the Seoul UNIQLO-AX, Dongwoo and Hoya held a press conference where they were asked, “What do you want to take from each other, and what parts do you not want to take after?”

On what they wanted to learn from each other, Dongwoo answered, “He works hard until the end,” and Hoya said, “His optimistic mindset, and the way he looks when he smiles.”

For the less-positive question, Dongwoo stated, “Hoya often stays up all night practicing. He must have times when he wants to relieve stress or spent time on hobbies. I wish he’d rest a little.” Hoya replied, “My home is in Gyeongsang province, so I can’t go often. Dongwoo hyung goes home too often. I wish he’d come back to the dorms once in a while,” causing the audience to laugh.

Source: Allkpop

*edit to add 못해 performance, thanks to swhyeon1991
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