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» uee's official facebook page

UEE has been receiving high praise for her acting in the KBS2 Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Jeon Woo Chi‘.

On the 5th episode of ‘Jeon Woo Chi’ aired on December 5th, UEE played a scene in which the princess was under mind control. As she was forced under stronger and stronger mind control, she expressed her pain expertly, stating, “I can’t speak. I shouldn’t speak.” Many viewers were awed by her abilities and praised her talents.

Viewers commented, “I’m amazed by UEE’s acting talents“, “I didn’t expect that from her“, “She’s the best out of all the idol actresses“, “Saying UEE’s a good actress is like saying 1+1 is 2“, “People didn’t know UEE was a good actress already?“, “I’ve liked her since ‘You’re Beautiful’“, and more.

stan note here, not once netizens said anything bad about uee's acting, in fact, coincidence or not, the drama has higher ratings every time that there is more uee in the episode or that uee appears.

» allkpop

After School‘s UEE embraced the season of giving by thanking the staff of KBS2‘s ‘Jeon Woo Chi‘ with 150 jumpers as Christmas presents.

UEE showed her affection for the staff of her drama by surprising them with her generous gifts to keep them warm during outdoor filming in the cold.

She prepared the presents herself for the staff who work hard day and night through the busy filming schedule. The tired staff were very happy after receiving her thoughtful gifts, and the mood of the set became immediately warmer.

UEE actually hand-picked the presents from the brand H:CONNECT, which she is promoting as the global muse.

Pledis Entertainment shared, “UEE was able to give her presents after H:CONNECT heard that she was planning on preparing a small gift for the staff who work hard and always give their full material and emotional support to the actors. Hearing of her kind feelings, they decided to sponsor her.”

Currently, UEE is gaining attention not only as a Hallyu star, but also a global fashionista for her acting roles and as a member of After School. H:CONNECT chose her as their global muse for her unlimited potential and growth as a global star.

» allkpop

After School‘s UEE showed off her aegyo on the set of KBS 2TV‘s ’Jeon Woo Chi‘.

On the 17th, ‘Jeon Woo Chi’ revealed a few photos of UEE that charmed the on-site staff. During a filming break, UEE shook her arms in all directions and tried to warm herself up; she rubbed her hands together and brought them up to her cheeks to warm herself.

Though UEE had to film late into the cold night, she is reported to have finished the entire filming without complaints and with a bright smile on her face.

The staff even named her the mascot of ‘Jeon Woo Chi’, saying, “We work with bright actors, so the set is always full of laughter even with the cold. UEE must be very tired because we have overnight shootings and we’re always busy filming, but she’s always cheery. Her bright personality is always a big help to ‘Jeon Woo Chi’.“

» allkpop

Actor Cha Tae Hyun and After School‘s UEE have been dubbed as the “earphone couple.”

The two stars were spotted sharing a pair of earphones on the set of the KBS2 historical drama ’Jeon Woo Chi‘. The pictures show Cha Tae Hyun and UEE watching the broadcast of ‘Jeon Woo Chi’ together despite the biting cold. They were seen laughing loudly during funny scenes, and they also didn’t forget to monitor each other’s acting.

A staff member shared, “Cha Tae Hyun and UEE are ‘laugh makers.’ The laughing never ends on days that the two are partnered together. Every day is pleasant, and we are enjoying filming, so we ask for much support and attention.”

» allpop

UEE turned into a santa for UNICEF to help children all around the world.

UNICEF Korea has revealed that After School‘s UEE has been appointed the ambassador for the ‘UNICEF Santa Campaign‘. UNICEF Korea said, “UNICEF aims for a society in which people like UEE, who are healthy in both body and heart, help children in need all over the world. UEE continuously participates in community service and makes donations even though she’s busy, so her image was perfect for our campaign’s image.”

UEE commented, “I received a lot of love as I worked busily as a celebrity. I wanted to give that love back somewhere, and UNICEF approached me, so I accepted happily. Everyone must be spending a busy end-of-the-year, but I hope everyone can become a santa who can give large hope to children in other countries with a small helping hand.”

» allkpop » imgorgeousguy@youtube


I'll post these from the newest to the oldest:

[130111 - 1802KST]
[Uie me2day] 지난 주 세븐틴TV 모니터 했을 때에요! 오늘도 뮤직뱅크 끝나고 모니터해야지이~!! 뮤직뱅크도 세븐틴TV도 본방사수우♥
[Translation] Taken when monitoring last week’s Seventeen TV! Today too after Music Bank finishes have to go monitor~!! Music Bank and Seventeen TV also everyone have to watch it♥
(OP note: of course she has to monitore it, it is her money being used!)

[130102 - 1830KST]
[Uie me2day] 12월31일은애프터스쿨로♥1월1일부터오늘도무연이로♥그리고오~늘은무슨날?전우치하는날♥본방사수물론해주실꺼죠?♥2013년도전우치와함께!고고!!★
[Translation] After School on December 31st♥ From January 1st onwards today too Muyeon♥ And what day isit to~day? Jeon Woo Chi Day♥ Everyone will of course watch the broadcast right?♥ In the year 2013 along with Jeon Woo Chi too! gogo!!★

[130101 - 0033KST]
[Uie Me2day] 2013년이되었습니다 ♥올해두잘부탁드립니다♥평생함께해요♥새해복많이받으세요ㅎ
[Translation] Its 2013♥This year too give me more guidance♥Let’s be together for a lifetime♥Best wishes for a happy new yearㅎ

[121229 - 1919KST]
[Uie Me2day]‘제니하우스에서셀카찰칵!^^♥오랜만에머리도하구화장두했어요!^^이히^^ 오늘무대기대해주세용!ㅎㅎ신난당~~~~!!♥’
[Translation] ‘Selca taken in Jenny house!^^♥ It’s been a long time i had a hair done and makeup! ^^ ehe^^ Please look forward for today’s performance! hehe excited ~~~~!!♥’

[121226 - 1045 KST]
[Uie me2day] 오늘도 잼있는 전우치하는날!ㅎ 무연이곰돌이 선물 받았어요!^^ 오늘은 무슨일이 벌어질까요? 본방사수!! (감기조심조심!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
[Translation] Today is interesting Jeon Woo Chi day too! ㅎ I’ve recieved this Muyeon bear gift!^^ What will happen today? Remember to catch the drama!! ( Becarefulx2 not to catch a cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

[121223 - 1857KST]
[Uie me2day] 여러분 미리크리스마스!^^날씨가 많이 추워졌어요ㅠㅠ온몸이 꽁꽁 얼어붙는 날씨지만제필수품!!^^발가락 양말!핫팩!장갑!점퍼ㅎ춰워지는날씨에 힘이되고 싶은마음에 전우치 식구들에게 H:CONNECT의 도움으로 크리스마스선물을 드릴수있게 되어 너무 기쁩니다!^^전우치 화이팅!
[Translation] Merry Christmas everyone!^^ The weather became much colderㅠㅠ My necessity in this weather though my entire body frozen!!^^ Toe socks! Hot pack! Gloves! Jumper!ㅎ In this cold weather with the help of H:CONNECT i’m pleased to be able to encourage Jeon Woo chi members with Christmas presents!^^ Jeon Woo Chi Hwaiting!

[121218 - 1336 KST]
[Uie me2day] 강림오빠가 그려준 그림!! 닮았나요? ㅎ 그림이 더 예쁜거 같은 *^^* 이히! 내일은 투표하는날! 우리모두 투표합시다!^^ 그리고 또~내일은 무슨날? 전우치 하는 날! ♥ 더 흥미진진한 이야기들이 펼쳐지니 꼭 본방사수해주세요! 오늘하루도화이팅!!!!!!!!
[Translation] Kanglim oppa drew this picture!! look alike? ㅎThe painting seems to be prettier *^^* ehe! Tomorrow is voting day! We all let’s vote!^^ and also~ what day is it tomorrow? Jeon Woo Chi day! ♥ more interesting stories will unfold everyone must catch the broadcast! Today also Fighting!!!!!!!!

[121210 - 1205 KST]
[Uie Me2day] 여러분!!!!!! 무연이에요ㅎㅎ다들 12월이라 바쁜 시간들 보내시겠지만, 주변으로 잠깐만 눈을 돌려 우리의 작은 도움과 관심이 필요한 아이들에게 큰 희망이 되어주는 산타가 되어주시는건 어떨까여 > _ < ♥
[Translation] Everyone!!!!!! I’m Muyeon (Uie Jeon Woo Chi Character) hehe. Although its December and everyone will be very busy, but please give some attention to the children who needs a little help and care and become the Santa that will give them hope. How about that? > _ < ♥

[121130 - 1945KST]
[Uie Me2day] 오늘 뮤뱅하는날! ^^맛있는 김밥 선물 받앗어요!힘이 불끈!! ^^힘내서 뮤직뱅크도 전우치도 잘 날아다니겠습니다.볼매 전우치 많이 사랑해주세요!^^홧팅!^^
[Translation] Today is MuBank day! ^^ Received this delicious kimbab as a gift! Feeling energized!! ^^ Feeling strengthen so I’ll fly around well in Music Bank and Jeon Woo Chi. Please give “Jeon Woo Chi” more love!^^ Hwaiting!^^
(The 볼매 is a slang for [볼수록 매력있다] which means the more one looks at something, the more appealing it gets]

[121129 - 1027KST]
[Uie Me2day] [PLEDIS NEWS / U-ie] 날씨가 완벽한 겨울이에요. 감기 안 걸리고 다들 잘 계시죠??‘전우치’ 야외 씬을 찍다보면 춥게 느껴질 때가 있는데요.저는 무술팀 언니가 선물해준 이렇게 사랑스러운 양말로신나고! 따뜻하게! 촬영을 하고 있답니다. ㅎㅎㅎㅎ
[Translation] [PLEDIS NEWS / U-ie] It’s winter already. Everyone don’t catch the cold alright?? Feeling very cold when filming ‘Jeon Woo Chi’ outdoor scene. So elated that Martial Arts Team unnie gave me this lovely socks ! and it’s so warm! I’m ready for the filming. hehehehe
[PLEDIS NEWS / U-ie Facebook] It’s winter already! I heard that it rained today, avoid catching a cold okay? *^^*It’s extremely cold when I shoot an outdoor scene of ‘Jeonwoochi’ at dawn but my martial arts team gave me this cute pair of socks so now I’m all set! Meet me at 10pm on KBS2TV tonight.

[121121 - 1849KST]
[Uie me2day] 두둥! 오늘밤 10시, KBS2 TV유쾌, 상쾌한 도술 활극!! ‘전우치’ 첫 방송 날이에요.다들 본방사수!! 해 주실꺼죠?!! *^^*처음부터 끝까지 뚫어지게 봐주셔야 해요.언제 무연이가 휙!!하고 지나갈지 몰라요 ㅎㅎ
[Translation] dudoong! Enjoy the refreshing magical action film at KBS2 TV tonight 10pm!! Today is “Jeon Woo Chi” first broadcast day. Everyone please be sure to watch the broadcast!! *^^* From the beginning till the end please watch it attentively. I do not know when Muyeon will quickly passby!! hehe

[121116 - 1454KST]
[Uie Me2day] 우리담비언니컴백!뮤직뱅크무대에서 드디어 울담비언니를소개할수있다니 완전설레입니당!!*^^*눈물이주르륵 많이사랑해주세요!!
[Translation] Our Dambi Unnie’s comeback! Finally can introduce our Dambi Unnie on Music Bank stage, so excited!!*^^* Please give “Dripping Tears” lots of love!!

[121029 - 1617KST]
[Uie Me2day] 김장훈 선배님이 컴백하셨어요*^^*!!!! 김장훈 선배님의 없다!! 좋으니까 꼭 들어보세요~ㅎㅎ 그리구 뮤직비디오에 페리스힐튼도 등장!!ㅎㅎ 강추강추!!!~
[Translation] Senior Kim Jang Hoon made a comeback *^^*!!!! Senior Kim Jang Hoon’s “Not here”!! It’s good so you’ve to listen to it~ hehe and in the music video Paris Hilton also appeared!! hehe highly recommend!!!~

[121028 - 0037KST]
[Uie me2day] 박윤수 선생님 패션쇼를 다녀왔습니다!!! ^^ 처음가본 패션쇼였는데 너무 신기하고 재밌었어요!! 또 가고싶당!!^^
[Translation] Visited Senior Park Yoon Su Fashion show!!!^^ First time been to fashion show which was fun and marvelous!! want to go again!! ^^

[121005 - 1347KST]
[Uie Me2day] 날씨도 조쿠~ 아끼던사진올려!!어제 동갑내기 지애씨랑 좋은시간을 보냈어요~^^ㅎ 역시 멋진분이셨습니당!!!ㅎㅎ오늘 뮤뱅 본방사수 아시죠? 이따 만나요!홧팅!!!^^☆ [날씨가 좋은날!!!^^ 뮤직뱅크에가려고준비중입니다!오늘은어떤모습으로 만나뵐찌 기대해주세요~!!!ㅎㅎ]
[Translation] The weather is good~ uploaded a precious photo!! Had a good time with same age Jiae-ssi yesterday~^^ hee What a great person!!! hehe everyone know there is music bank today right? See you guys later! Hwaiting!!!^^☆ [ The weather is good!!!^^ On my way and preparing for Music Bank! How will i look like today, please look forward when we meet~!!! hehe]

[120914 - 2015KST]
[Uie Me2day] 울귀염둥이 오캬들이 컴백해써요!!!!!!!!ㅎㅎ 뮤뱅에서 울오캬들 립스틱소개할때 어찌나설레든지!!!!!!!!립스틱예!!!!!!!오렌지캬라멜마니사랑해주쎄염^^*저유이도요ㅎㅎㅎ
[Translation] Our cute Orange Caramel Dongsaeng made their comeback!!!!!!!!hehe Was able to introduce our Orange Caramel Lipstick in Music Bank, i was so excited!!!!!!!!Lipstickeh!!!!!!! Please give Orange Caramel lots of Love^^* Give me too hehehe

» uee's me2day » xzmingzx@tumblr (translation)

WARNING! this post is picture heavy!
Tags: drama, orange caramel, photoshoot, social media, son dambi, uee
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