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Part 1 of ‘SPEED Real Documentary’ with footage of “It’s Over” MV filming!!!

Preparations for SPEED‘s comeback have been underway for a while. Now fans will get a chance to see all the work that went into the comeback through ‘SPEED Real Documentary’, part 1 of which was released today.

Most of the footage looks to be from the filming for the dance version of “It’s Over“, the group’s title track of their new single, with bits of photoshoot filming and and studio recording as well. There is also a brief introduction of each member. In addition, Park Bo Young encourages the group in between filming her segments of the music video.

Fans also get a detailed look at the ‘tutting’ (a style of dance where you change the angles of your arms and hands to the beat) that will be featured in the choreography for the song. It isn’t all rainbows for the group however, as they are scolded during a practice session for lacking focus.

The full MV for SPEED’s “It’s Over”, the part 2 to “Sad Promise“, will be released on the 15th!

As you wait for the release of SPEED’s blockbuster music videos, watch the documentary to see how everything came together.

source: coremidas, allkpop

OMG GUYS!!!! IT'S OVER SOUNDS SOOOOO GOOD!!! really liking the new members tbh!!!!
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