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Will of the late Jo Sung Min revealed

The late Jo Sung Min‘s will has been uncovered and revealed to the public.

The will was found in his backpack while his things were being organized, and was written in a notebook.

It stated the following:

"First, I apologize to my father and mother. I was a horrible child who put a nail through your heart. Please forgive me for being a bad son who is giving you another scar that you cannot heal. I really wanted to live like a human, but I take the disappointment that I could not with me. Your bad son no longer even has the courage to live on, so I have decided to let go of life. There were happy days, days my heart was filled up, but I no longer have the strength to go on.

My beloved parented, and my — [name not released to the public]. Please erase the scars you received about me leaving like this.

My beloved son and daughter, Hwanhee and Junhee. Even your father is giving you a scar that cannot be surpassed. My poor babies…. Don’t forgive your lacking parent. For legal matters, I leave all my belongings to my older sister."

May he rest in peace.

Source: Economy Today via Nate + allkpop

Tags: death/suicide/funeral, trigger warning
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