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Taeyang and Daesung Talk About Their Alive Tour Experiences

Hello, this is Taeyang of Big Bang ^^ This is the first time to meet you guys by Star Column. At Big Bang Star Column, we will tell you about not the awesome stage stories that we experienced in 2012, but the behind episodes of the stage that you guys want to know more. But I worried about how to start, I will write as I write in the diary. Please look forward guys~


We had many chances to visit a lot of places of the world in 2012 by world tour, and I remember Peru!! Actually I think I could not have chance to go there if there was not world tour. Because the country 'Peru' is the one that I visit without any advance info, it have been really interesting since before going there. It was not easy to go to Peru. We waited for 10 hours because of deteriorating weather conditions and arrived after 10 hours of flight. The first impression of Peru was WOW! There were so many fans waiting for us at the airport than the other countries.

"Arrived at Peru airport. Nice to meet you guys~"

But after we arrived at hotel, we were surprised again. After we arrived at the hotel, we were resting and heard shouting and singing. So I thought there was a huge amusement park near the hotel. But it was the fans who were waiting for us singing and shouting. Fans' performance was continued until the late night, as the members and staffs said that "It was new experience" at the concert hall next day, Peru's first impression was intense.

"Image of fans in front of Peru hotel. So many are here right? ^^"

Wait a moment! You guys are wondering about what we will usually do at the hotel when we have overseas schedule, right? Mostly members have rest time at their room for the concert. Mostly members have rest time at their room for the concert. This time, mostly we watch some show programs that we missed in Korea or movies (we are watching not latest movies but classic movies^^). And we sleep, or get together in one room and eat some refreshments and chat. This time the themes are really small such as which program is funny, and about the movie that we watched, but I always think that these chatting time between us is really precious.
"Rehearsal picture of Peru concert. Isn't this child cute?"
(LoL thanks to my fabulous fancam of them dancing, we all know this is actually in NJ)

I asked the staffs for help because I thought 'Let's go outside instead of being in hotel in Peru!!'. It was the mission to go out as secretly as possible because I worried about fans' security who are in front of hotel just in case. I succeed to go out which reminded me of 007 Mission!! (I feel sorry to the fans who were waiting at the front of the hotel, but it was because of security problem so just in case hope you guys don't be upset~^^)

I who succeeded to go out thought to go to Inca traditional market because I was usually interested in the Incan Civilization. But unfortunately I was busy to look around so I couldn't take pictures. ㅠㅠ The moment I got into the Inca traditional market, I was excited to see unseen local products and busy to look around and shop.

The moment that I saw the craft work of high quality that I had wanted usually, I couldn't think of d aftermath(?), enjoyed shopping a lot. (I was frustrated when I knew that baggage should be unwrapped and checked one by one at the airport..ㅜㅜ Unwrapped the wrapped things and re-wrapped)

"Picture from Peru concert. This picture looks like that I sing really hard, right?"

I thought that Peru has the one new culture that is combined with many cultures. Handmade craft works were really beautiful that were enough to be shown to anyone. If I can get a chance, I will show you the ones that I bought~^^

After the exciting shopping me and staffs had SEVICHE which is ripened sashimi that I had first time and also famous in Peru, and came back to hotel by 007 Mission.

I who had gratifying shopping and delicious food, for the fans who were waiting for me, I ended the first day at Peru with 'Surprise greeting' to fans at hotel balcony that every foreign celebrity who had stayed greeted.

"Picture with members at Peru! I will remember the shouting of that day forever."

I, Taeyang, who got energy from looking around nice Inca traditional market and fans' cheering, I could have awesome concert at Peru.

He~~llo this is Dae~Sung~~.^^ I was wondering what Youngbae hyung was doing, he is writing Star Column diary~! To me, this world tour is a new experience because there were many countries I had never been to. I’m gonna tell you some episode. I usually spend holiday alone so that I’m well known as the member who rarely step out of the hotel room.


After the LA concerts, we had a few days for holidays. Jiyong hyung and Youngbae hyung went out for the photoshoot,Seungri went to the amusement part with manager hyung and TOP hyung went to NY first… I was supposed to take a rest at the room, but staffs said I had been spending so much time at the room, so they asked me to enjoy LA. So I went out to see LA where the weather was good and that had fresh air! The first place we visited was Korean restaurant!^^;


That restaurant local staff had recommended had pretty good sciaenoid fish food. When I have delicious food, there are always a few names coming to my mind, our members. Bcz they really love to eat delicious food~ I think it’s secret of our teamwork that we share information about restaurants which have delicious food and go together. (I promised myself that I would visit here again with members, actually we went here next day.)


After we had delicious food, we were considering where to go and we heard that there was a nice beach, so we moved to go there. It’s like another feeling to me, because this time, it’s not for the photoshoot. Seeing people enjoying surfing and suntanning, I felt like I wanted to do and envied them as well.

While talking with staffs and walking crossing a bridge on the sea, I could see nice seascape. Well, I was unskilled at taking pictures, but here for you. ^^

"This is the picture of beach that I took with my phone, it looked much better in reality. "

After we had great time at the beach, we heard there was observation decks where we could see the whole LA so we visited there as well. While we went up, I talked to staff noona what difference was between here and Namsan observation in Seoul and then I felt a bit embarrassed during seeing the night view of LA.


It’s a bit different from the view of Seoul . I want to express what I saw well, but I’m a poor speaker.. so here is what I saw. I took this picture with my phone as well. Extensive ground looked very good.

"Please look forward to it^^ It’s inside of the LA concert. Thank LA fans for being together ^^"

It’s Daesung’s diary of the trip to LA~! ^.^ I doubted if there was something special, but I could feel relaxed in ordinariness. Next Bigbang Star Column, Seungri will tell you the many stories that he had been through in many countries.

Source: BBupdates 1, 2 via Naver
Translations by @LueKim and @ds0426_ing

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