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Eunhyuk gets flak for his latest joke on Strong Heart

Another guest on Strong Heart was talking about his search ranking for some event in 2009 and Eunhyuk chimed in to add, "My rank was #235 at the time. Although now, I'm sure it's gotten up much more." The MCs asked, "I wonder why?"

1. [+639, -80] Do you not have a brain? Think before you speak;

2. [+565, -68] What an idiot

3. [+560, -80] You trash, you really have nothing other to use for the show than that?

4. [+85, -44] I'm a girl and his comment really turned me off. Does he not know how much pain IU is going through right now because of what happened? And he thinks to use it as laughing matter on a variety show? I feel sad for IU

5. [+82, -16] What a fu*king idiot, why is every member in Super Junior nothing but trash?

6. [+81, -22] IU did make a mistake but it's not right for Eunhyuk to come out on TV and laugh and joke about it like this

7. [+64, -9] When's he going to the army?

8. [+60, -7] So trashy... You really had nothing else to say other than that? You should've just kept your mouth shut, instead you turned yourself into trash... Wow, seriously..

9. [+60, -7] Utter trash

10. [+48, -3] He really doesn't get the situation, does he? He's nothing but a speck in IU's life because he could never amount to what IU had career wise before what happened. He talks as if IU was the one hanging on to him. It's pathetic that IU was even once with trash like him. At least IU has talent, Eunhyuk is old and can't even sing to save his life. Trash without a speck of respect for women.

Here is a translation of the original article from AKP. Thank you asnindie!

Eunhyuk had viewers as well as the other stars on set laughing as he subtly brought up his previous photo incident in a light-hearted way.

On ‘Strong Heart‘ that was aired on the 15th, baseball playe Lee Yong Kyu discussed the attention he received during the 2009 World Baseball Classic in the Korea-Japan match. Lee Yong Kyu was hit on the head by the ball thrown at him by the opposing team’s pitcher and the news made headlines left and right.

Eunhyuk commented, “From March 5th, 2009 to the 24th during the WBC, Lee Yong Kyu was searched more than 1,950,000 times on portal sites. It’s exponentially more than Lee Min Ho‘s, whose drama ‘Boys Over Flowers‘ was ranked #1 in terms of ratings during the time.

He then added, “My search ranking used to be 235th place… But now, it’s probably gone up a lot,” hinting at his photo incident in a subtle manner. The studio was brought to laughter as Eunhyuk good-naturedly joked about it, and MC Shin Dong Yup could not help but tease as he feigned innocence as he asked him to explain, commenting, ”Just why did it go up?” causing everyone to chuckle again.

Source: Newsen via Nate Netizen Buzz AKP
What do you guys think?
bolingi_aii 16th-Jan-2013 05:01 am (UTC)
Are you being serious?

Her going into hiding was a reaction, not a "choice". Her having that image is less of a choice and more of a compliance to society's norms. I can't believe that you would acknowledge sexism, yet basically blame her for how a male dominated society dictates her act. No he didn't invent these norms, but given that he was just as involved in this scandal the least he could of done is keep it cute and not make slick comments. Oh wow, he got made fun of poor eunhyuk. Meanwhile given the fact that I.U is a woman and treated like a little girl she has to endure that plus comments connected to her gender and sexual activity. Its unfair treatment because there is unfair treatment towards men and women in every patriarchal society especially when it comes to sex. It is unfair because I.U gets +1 of everything he gets.

That doesnt make anything sense, at the height of her career and given the social context of South Korea why would she purposefully release an image of her self with a half naked man in bed? and then go into hiding? why not drum up more publicity and do interviews or release statements periodically? it was an accident, don't try and use the photo being uploaded as a reason to try and blame her. Open your eyes and your mind, admitting he was wrong in this situation isn't going to stop you from breathing. He is not oxygen.

Edited at 2013-01-16 05:02 am (UTC)
luvey 16th-Jan-2013 05:50 am (UTC)
my eyes and mind are open. i'm looking at this from both sides, actually all three sides (adding in society's issue). i'm not blinding hating on someone cause he was born male in a society which covets them. also i don't hate IU, unlike some people in this thread who hate Hyuk for so many reasons - some valid and some irrational.

going into hiding is a choice. and lets be honest, she didn't hide for long since she was MCing a show. no one made a joke about it to her. she made the choice to stay off of twitter and her cafe, unless her company took her phone away.

i never blamed her, but i do wonder if she uploaded it on person. those are two different things. blaming her would be cursing her for making so much trouble. i never said that. personally, i say "get it gurl".

why do i question if this was an accident or not?
1. when most people take pictures/selcas...they usually take more than one. so what was she trying to upload. did she replace the photo with something else that she meant to upload? i don't recall she did.
2. it isn't out of the realm of possibility, she was tired of the image. yeah it is sk and there are consequences. i don't think her career is over. it may be a hiccup but i don't think it is over. there have been women in scandals before who have gotten over it at some point.

it is unfair treatment, she a little differently because of the sexism involved. but he also for having butt of the joke. it doesn't look like it has been comfortable for him. so his male entitlement isn't doing him any favors in that aspect when mc's joked or called him out.

i see things differently, and i can respect everyone opinion even if mine isn't respected.
bolingi_aii 16th-Jan-2013 06:07 am (UTC)
no you're not, you fostering as if you are but youre seriously letting your sj bias get into the way. Blind hate isnt why people are calling him out, its a clear abuse of male privilege and lack of respect. Its really not that hard, but go ahead and keep defending him as if he is paying your light and gas bill.

Also racism and sexism are issues of intersectionality, privilege in both areas work the same. No you did not invent your privilege if you are male, but you better be certain to mind it and act with respect. Eunhyk did not do this, does this mean he will never? no so stop acting as if he is being crucified for being male because people are validly bring up his privilege in this situation.
noneko 16th-Jan-2013 02:33 pm (UTC)
Preach it.
modestgoddess79 16th-Jan-2013 04:59 pm (UTC)
bolingi_aii 16th-Jan-2013 11:12 pm (UTC)
your icon <3
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