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Eunhyuk gets flak for his latest joke on Strong Heart

Another guest on Strong Heart was talking about his search ranking for some event in 2009 and Eunhyuk chimed in to add, "My rank was #235 at the time. Although now, I'm sure it's gotten up much more." The MCs asked, "I wonder why?"

1. [+639, -80] Do you not have a brain? Think before you speak;

2. [+565, -68] What an idiot

3. [+560, -80] You trash, you really have nothing other to use for the show than that?

4. [+85, -44] I'm a girl and his comment really turned me off. Does he not know how much pain IU is going through right now because of what happened? And he thinks to use it as laughing matter on a variety show? I feel sad for IU

5. [+82, -16] What a fu*king idiot, why is every member in Super Junior nothing but trash?

6. [+81, -22] IU did make a mistake but it's not right for Eunhyuk to come out on TV and laugh and joke about it like this

7. [+64, -9] When's he going to the army?

8. [+60, -7] So trashy... You really had nothing else to say other than that? You should've just kept your mouth shut, instead you turned yourself into trash... Wow, seriously..

9. [+60, -7] Utter trash

10. [+48, -3] He really doesn't get the situation, does he? He's nothing but a speck in IU's life because he could never amount to what IU had career wise before what happened. He talks as if IU was the one hanging on to him. It's pathetic that IU was even once with trash like him. At least IU has talent, Eunhyuk is old and can't even sing to save his life. Trash without a speck of respect for women.

Here is a translation of the original article from AKP. Thank you asnindie!

Eunhyuk had viewers as well as the other stars on set laughing as he subtly brought up his previous photo incident in a light-hearted way.

On ‘Strong Heart‘ that was aired on the 15th, baseball playe Lee Yong Kyu discussed the attention he received during the 2009 World Baseball Classic in the Korea-Japan match. Lee Yong Kyu was hit on the head by the ball thrown at him by the opposing team’s pitcher and the news made headlines left and right.

Eunhyuk commented, “From March 5th, 2009 to the 24th during the WBC, Lee Yong Kyu was searched more than 1,950,000 times on portal sites. It’s exponentially more than Lee Min Ho‘s, whose drama ‘Boys Over Flowers‘ was ranked #1 in terms of ratings during the time.

He then added, “My search ranking used to be 235th place… But now, it’s probably gone up a lot,” hinting at his photo incident in a subtle manner. The studio was brought to laughter as Eunhyuk good-naturedly joked about it, and MC Shin Dong Yup could not help but tease as he feigned innocence as he asked him to explain, commenting, ”Just why did it go up?” causing everyone to chuckle again.

Source: Newsen via Nate Netizen Buzz AKP
What do you guys think?
luvey Re: Article in question16th-Jan-2013 05:02 am (UTC)
since the scandal he has had his first solo photo shoot and was involved in a lot of the year end shows. so sorry but there are reasons why his search may have gone up without the IU scandal.

either way, the hate IU is getting isn't about him, it's about Korean's Entertainment Industry's sexism. he hasn't said boo about IU since this happened, only those surrounding him have.
bolingi_aii Re: Article in question16th-Jan-2013 05:08 am (UTC)
lol that would imply that suju and eunhyuk are popular enoiugh to drum up note worthy attention for something they do every few months. If this were the case he would comments like this more often. Eunhyuk isnt that popular and neither is suju. They dont garner that much attention outside their fanbase and or in kpop circles.

No one said it is, the neitzens are specifically saying that the fact that I.U is gonna receive more hate than him ( SEXISM) he is getting off with barely a slap and the wrist and because of that privilege he shouldnt be making flippant remarks. Its tacky and unnecessary. Simple as that.
luvey Re: Article in question16th-Jan-2013 05:19 am (UTC)
what would you like him to do? start burning bras and join korean's feminist movement? suppose to grovel for being male and apologize for her company making her be little miss innocent in the eyes of the industry for a country's sexism? looking at the netizen comments, being the butt of jokes on public television, and the comment here in omona.... that is more than a slap on the wrist.

this isn't over yet, IU is still young and still has a long career ahead of her. maybe it is netizens who need to take misplaced hate and turn it on to society to change the way women are seen and treated.
bolingi_aii Re: Article in question16th-Jan-2013 05:26 am (UTC)
What is your problem? youre reaction is so defensive for no reason. Why are you even trying to make excuses for him when there are none? no one is asking him to do anything but keep his mouth shut. No one is expecting anything from him, people are commenting on the fact that his sly comment was tacky, trashy, disrespectful and a display of his male privilege. Come off of it, the fact that he's still showing his face is enough. Had it been IU in a bra or her shirt off I doubt she would have come out of hiding or even wrote to her fans again, so please stop trying to act as if the treatment if the same especially if you keep bringing up sexism. Stop being flippant about it.

Omg why are you being so purposefully obtuse. Her career isnt DOA, but its obviously affected, she's pretty much in hiding now and has to suffer a stain on her reputation, this is something that is going to stick to her whole career and reappear in comments about her. Yes neitzens and all male dominated society needs to change and eunhyuk needs to keep his mouth shut making slick comments. See how easy that is? to say that he is wrong...as well as others? its not a case of mutual exclusivity.
luvey Re: Article in question16th-Jan-2013 06:05 am (UTC)
i don't have a problem, i'm not being flippant, and i'm not blaming IU either. i'm just not blindly accepting all the irrational hate on Hyuk because there is more going on.

we won't agree on this, especially since your deep rooted hate for Hyuk adds to your fire in this subject. i think you take my looking at the whole rather than parts as flippant. shrug. i'm okay with being disagreed with, everyone has different experience in how they see things. i don't think you are fully wrong, but you see me as completely wrong. i'm okay with that. it was nice chatting with you, and this will be my last response to you.
bolingi_aii Re: Article in question16th-Jan-2013 06:15 am (UTC)
there is no irrational hate, dismissing rational criticism and comments as irrational hate is exactly why I believe that you have a problem seeing the situation for what it is. You think that everyone just hates eunhyuk so they are talking shit for the sake of it, case of closing your eyes and ears.

lol I couldnt give a shit about him, I dont comment in his posts nor in suju post because I acknowledge that I dont like them and so I dont follow them. I commented here because its a case of male privilege. Not because I want to talk shit about eunhyuk, he is not a martyr so come off it with that tone. I think there is something wrong with you treating him like a martyr like character and subtly trying to push blame on I.U Its easy to see and fairly disappointing.
luvey Re: Article in question16th-Jan-2013 06:42 am (UTC)
so there is no irrational hate, BUT you can accuse me of having a suju bias while you have a bias of hating hyuk?

i think i have defended my point enough where i am not blindly defending hyuk, i even agreed with you on some point. but you my luv, keep tossing that out because i do not agree fully with you. he isn't a martyr. never said that, and that is your assumption.

actually i laugh at you wrongly assuming that i think hyuk is a martyr like character. and that is the only reason why i am responding, cause it is beyond an absurd wild accusation. it actually shows more of a reflection of you.

you continue to ignore my words saying i do not put the blame on IU, it is what you want to believe because i do not believe Hyuk is the devil in this (he also isn't the savoir either).

i think you continue to go on about male entitlement but need to put the blame on someone other than society and the korean entertainment industry.

also i think one part of this you are misreading in my comments, is that i am trying hard not to use my country's values, my societies social justice as a way to fully judge this cultural appropriation of sexism. (doing that does not mean i agree with sexism in korea, just that i'm not that arrogant in not seeing that whole picture.) being angry at hyuk is rather misplaced since they both are victims. (should i accuse you of victim blaming?).

but if we were to use our own experiences and our own culture in judging this, then the anger should be placed on the atmosphere which allows this sexism, if were to judge according to my and maybe your social justice within our cultural standards (which aren't perfect btw).

you feel so strong about this, then do something about it rather than sit at your computer blasting and assuming things about someone else. go to south korea and get involved in the women's movement.

that's it.

Edited at 2013-01-16 07:16 am (UTC)
bolingi_aii Re: Article in question16th-Jan-2013 08:09 pm (UTC)
I don't understand why you would laugh, when you're in here acting as if everyone is against eunhyuk just because he is breathing and not because he made a mistake. You say its irrational hate driving these comments, yet only about 5% of the comments here blast eunhyuk beyond this situation. More comments are defending him or pointing out this was a stupid comment and a case of male privilege. Thats why I believe that someone of you elfs in here are playing victims and trying to gloss over valid criticism bc SJ doesnt have a good reputation. There is about 1 or 2 comments in here that talk shit about eunhyuk in combination with SJ. No one mentioned SJ until other elfs came in here trying to twist the situation.

"but if we were to use our own experiences and our own culture in judging this, then the anger should be placed on the atmosphere which allows this sexism, if were to judge according to my and maybe your social justice within our cultural standards (which aren't perfect btw). you feel so strong about this, then do something about it rather than sit at your computer blasting and assuming things about someone else. go to south korea and get involved in the women's movement."

This is such derailment. We have individual responsibility as human beings to check ourselves and our privilege. It is the individual who enables -isms and allows them to perpetuate. If we are not aware of these -isms socially how can we begin to see them in institutions? society is where these isms- are taught and perpetuated....by people, families, idols and fans etc. This is exactly the "atmosphere" in which certain tones and narratives that are rooted in sexism can be exposed and dismantled. Eunhyuk is apart of the problem like every male, and he can also be apart of the solution, like every male, if he learned his role and his benefits and behaved accordingly. This is a comment //he// made and he has to be responsible for it. Just because people bring up the fact that its male privilege that allows him to do this doesnt mean that they are blaming him for the construction of sexism, to even suggest that the way you have shows how defensive youre being about this situation. You're arguing points that no one has brought up because you refuse to acknowledge what is being said and instead defend him with hyperbolic statements that are a bit removed from the situation. I don't need to go join the women's movement in South Korea to make my point anymore valid.I'm speaking about this situation, where sexism is at the root of the argument. You suggesting that is just another way that you've expressed your passive aggressive nature, irrationality and tendency to derail valid criticism against Eunhyuk.

"i think you continue to go on about male entitlement but need to put the blame on someone other than society and the korean entertainment industry."

? You don't even make sense. Stop trying expunge //his//responsibility for //his// words. How many times do I have to repeat this to you? can you read? because I'm starting to believe that you lack basic reading comprehension skills. I have explicitly stated that this scandal is NEITHER of their fault. No one made a mistake. They are/were two consenting adults in a relationship. Its the sexually conservative society that took the photo which suggested sexual intimacy and ran with it. Eunhyuk is not to blame for this scandal, I repeat he is not to blame. He is to blame for the comment he made, and THAT is what this whole post is about! stay within context. for the flippant manner he addressed this scandal, that is his responsibility. It is also his responsibility to understand that as a male, he suffers less criticism than I.U and because of that he shouldn't make flippant remarks when he isnt being pointed at in the same manner. He is allowed to open his mouth and allude to it in a tacky manner and she isnt. Also you may "state" that you don't put the blame on I.U but youre so transparent with the way you keep continuing to imply that she has more fault and responsible for the reaction she is getting. The implication of your words say otherwise.
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