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Kang Ho Dong’s New Program, ‘Moonlight Prince’ to be a Book-Centered Talk Show


Kang Ho Dong has finished recording his first episode of his new KBS variety show.

The recording for the new show, officially titled as Moonlight Prince, took place on January 12 with Kang Ho Dong and his co- hosts, Max Changmin, Brave Brothers, Jung Jae Hyung and Tak Jae Hoon.

The mystery guests for the episode was kept under tight wraps but the producers did reveal the new show’s premise and format.

Moonlight Prince will be a book and theme focused talk show.

In it, the invited guest for the week will directly select a book of his or her choosing and the episode’s topics and themes will be centered around the selected book.

In this way, each week’s topic can range from such wide-spanning themes as adolescence to investment and more. The guests and MCs will then input their own experiences and thoughts on the topics.

In addition, a portion of the proceeds from each week’s episode will be donated to a charity of the guest’s choice.

The show’s producers are promising an entirely new and refreshing talk show format and confidently shared the first episode’s recording went beyond their expectations.

The first episode of Moonlight Prince premieres on January 22.

source: henewsworld

I'd actually be interested to see what books some of my biases would choose. Who do you want to be a guest on the show Omona, and what book do you think they'd choose?
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