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Actor So Ji Sub releases Preview Single "Picnic" feat. Younha from upcoming mini-album

So Ji Sub′s upcoming rap album is ready for release, and the actor has records of his hard work to prove it′s going to be good.


So Ji Sub finished recording for his mini album 6 O′clock...Sports Field in January. In photos taken at his recording studio, released on January 15, he is shown in a serious mood recording not as an actor, but as a full-fledged rapper.

He poured all his energy into the mike, and even continued to review his lyrics in the time between recordings. His passion didn′t stop there. Whenever he felt his recording wasn′t at its best, he offered to give another try, working hard not to leave any part untended.

Officials revealed that when he first received his new song, he never took off his headphones for over a day, listening to it and practicing for his recording.

His hard work paid off, as composer Kim Kun Woo said to So Ji Sub after his first recording, "You′ve gotten better since you recorded for Corona Borealis. You must have practiced a lot."

KM′s Music Triangle will also be airing videos from the filming site of So Ji Sub′s music video for the mini album, starring Yoo Seung Ho and Park Shin Hye. The actor wrote the lyrics for three of the four tracks from the album, aiming to move his fans′ hearts with his sincere and sad lyrics.

Full Picnic feat. Younha son here

source: enewsworld + BubbleFeetGravityCH3 + CJENMMUSIC

hes actually not bad? i was expecting to cringe at his rap lol and younha sounds good obvs but its a boring song imo. but ngl pick up line was my jam, though the mv was cheesy as fuck, i only love it bc he looks so damn good. idt hes taken seriously by people but props to him for trying out something he likes and writing his music at least. i jst hope he shows his grgs six pack in the new mv *o*
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