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130117 Chocolats Mel on Arirang Radio with Seungjun of A-Prince

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Source: arirang.co.kr/Radio

For anyone that is interested: Tia, Mel and Julie confirmed in a live fanchat via cam yesterday that Jaeyoon no longer is part of Chocolat, and that she never was sick but had issues with the company. I cant post it though since Paramount Music dont allow them to do blogtv and it might get them into trouble if they come across the vid. She also confirmed that there are MANY more biracial idols in the ent companies, but that its keept a secret. So fucking sad :( Tia LOVES BAP and is in love with BAPs Daehyun (mels words! tia almost died lol) and she talked about him maybe over ten times. Babyz beware! She also said that she ships Melanie with Teen Tops L.Joe and Juliane with Baps Yonguk. It was very surreal to watch k-idols behave like normal people! They talked for two hours and it was the best two hours ever ;^;
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