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Omona conspiracy time. Kpop's legion of doom is possibly uncovered.

A netizen put up a post trying to dissect KEPA and the people behind them and found some interesting things worth mentioning

The distributor for Infinity Challenge's digital songs is KT Music, which is a part of KMP Holdings (comprised of SM, YG, JYP, etc). KT Music is well known for being th competitor to Melon held by Loen Entertainment).

KEPA has a number of notable figures on their staff list, including:

Vice Chairman: Kim Kwang Soo (CCM)
Finance Manager: Hong Seung Sung (Cube Ent.)
Director: Kim Tae Song (TS Ent.)
Director: Kim Byung Sun (JellyFish Ent.)
Director: Lee Jong Yub (Woollim Ent.)
Director: Kim Shi Dae (Starship Ent.)

The music distributor that these companies use are:

CCM = Melon (Loen)
Cube = Universal Music
TS = Melon (Loen)
JellyFish = CJ E&M
Woollim = Melon (Loen)
Starship = Melon (Loen)


Dates of interest for these companies (digital song releases) or in other words, why Infinity Challenge domination would matter to them:

< CCM >
SPEED (1/15)

INFINITE (1/11 Unit)

Boyfriend (1/10)
SISTAR (February Unit)

VIXX (1/7)

4minute (1/17 Unit)

B.A.P. (1/15)


Cube CEO Hong Seung Sung' 1/13 tweet s also being used as grounds for suspicion in relation to the case: "Is the music chart a joke, this is pathetic"


CNBLUE's CEO of FNC Entertainment also recentl gave an interview egarding the Infinity Challenge case: "It's become a trend for variety programs to release digital songs as a type of event. While I respect the decision, I also see that it's extremely difficult for singers to land a slot on music programs to promote themselves so it's upsetting to think that a popular variety program can use its status to launch its song to the #1 position immediately."

Source: Netizenbuzz, Telzone

I can see where they're coming from but then these companies take actor jobs so yeah, glass houses and all. To anyone wondering what the whole KEPA business is can read it here. They're also the same organisation that went after JYJ, Hangeng and threatened to destroy Kara's career after their contract problems.
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