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English Demo of Girls’ Generation “I Got A Boy” revealed online

Recently, a video surfaced online containing a track bearing a very strong resemblance to Girls’ Generation‘s “I Got A Boy“. The vocals are unmistakably by UK based singe Katy Tiz.

Much like the Korean version, many K-Pop listeners will have a hard time deciphering the lyrics despite having any sort of mastery of the English language. The delivery is pretty intense and provides a tougher approach to the delivery than we’re all used to.

Some fans are speculating whether or not this is merely a cover or a remix like the video suggests. However, it’s more likely that the song is actually an earlier, unfinished version of Girls Generation’s smash single with Katy Tiz serving as the vocal guide. To start, the recording is of studio quality. The resources used to create this track are unobtainable by fans or anyone other than persons with the rights for the track. Also, the fact that a recently signed recording artist, who isn’t credited in the track’s production credits, recorded the track hints that the demo was probably pitched to this artist for release before being sent to SM Entertainment. The real giveaway is in the Girls’ album booklet where it states that the original title of the song was “Shiner On You“, which Katy Tiz clearly sings in the chorus of her recording.

It’s interesting to pick out and analyze the elements that SM incorporated to mold a track from a Norwegian production team into a multi dimensional K-Pop track. Some fans have revealed their displeasure on SM for buying tracks from foreign producers rather than relying on their in-house production team. However, this proves the amount of additional layers of production and work that is involved in order to craft a song for their artists. Had the girls recorded Katy’s version as is, the track wouldn’t nearly be as spectacular in terms of weekly live performances or fitting to younger and conservative Korean audiences.

One more video worth checking out is a track rumored to be an instrumental of an upcoming collaboration by Lady Gaga and Azealia Banks titled “Ratchet“.

Personally, I don’t believe Lady Gaga will be releasing her track with this instrumental or at least in the form that it’s in now, but, the resemblance of this track (minus most of the Trap elements) to the electronic segments of “I Got A Boy” is striking nonetheless. Perhaps this supposed “Ratchet” beat (no pun intended) is an even earlier draft of “I Got A Boy”, which wouldn’t be too farfetched knowing how music in the pop industry is recycled, clipped, and filtered through many hands before finally landing in a record.

Whether this Katy Tiz track is a previous demo or not, I think it gives us a good idea of what “I Got A Boy” might sound like in English. Most likely, they’ll be re-writing the lyrics to reflect the girls’ recording. So what are your thoughts on these tracks? Do you prefer Girls’ Generation’s version over Katy Tiz’s? Let us know in the comments below.

source: akp, Kt Fan, blassh0le

I think the author might be reaching with the Ratchet instrumental, but damn.

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