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Park Wan Kyu Speaks Up on the ′Infinity Challenge′ Issue

Singer Park Wan Kyu spoke up on the controversy surrounding Infinity Challenge and its music pieces, pointing out that singers are the ones that need to step up their game.

On January 16, the Korea Entertainment Producer′s Association had criticized through official press releases Infinity Challenge′s takeover of the music charts, saying it was "no different from how large conglomerates take over multiple markets by expanding their businesses."

Park Wan Kyu had said in a meeting with enews before the press release was issued, "I can′t understand [why this controversy has sparked]. The public comes first."

He said, "I saw some say that ′singer should work harder to make music that people want to listen to′ and ask ′why are they pushing their responsibility to the Infinity Challenge members?′ I agree. [The public] just chooses the music they like better. You can′t force anything on them. The public comes first."

"The public are consumers," he added. "I don′t understand what′s the problem when the consumers are saying they want to consume [what they want]. On the other hand, the music industry also needs to undertake continuous campaigns on clean downloads, like the film industry. People in music need to join together as one voice like filmmakers, and campaign for a better culture."

Park Wan Kyu will be holding his first exclusive concert of the year, ReWiND, from January 19-20 in Seoul. His best friends Kim Kyung Ho, Lee Sung Wook, Shin Hyo Bum and JK Kim Dong Wook.


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