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Your oppars and unnirs are afraid of tall women, Nine Muses wants idol friends too!


These days girl groups are honest rather than being innocent but this group is unstoppable. We recently got to meet up with Nine Muses (Sera, Lee Sam, Hyuna, Euaerin, Eunji, Son Sunga, Kyungri, Hyemi, Minha) who have fresh personalities just like their long figure.

After their debut in 2010, they recently added member Son Sung A to form 9 members for their upcoming comeback with digital single ‘DOLLS’ which will be released on the 24th of January.

“A comeback in 9 months might be seen as a long period but during that time, the members have done self-improvement and hence didn’t feel such a long preparation break. As we are coming back as 9 members, we are preparing ourselves just like how we had our debut.” (Hyemi)

“We used to be very worried about our previous comebacks, but I think this comeback will be more enjoyable. And since we are back as 9 members, we feel more comfortable. We laugh together a lot and think positive if we are having a hard time.” (Hyuna, Minha)


Nine Muses’ new song will be vivid and contain funky sounds unlike their previous releases such as ‘Figaro’, ‘News’, ‘Ticket’ which were presented with addictive melodies and full of charisma. If they had previously presented us with electronic music, this time they will present us with a more feminine and lyrical song.

Nine Muses has revealed that they will perform one song in two different units which have different stage concepts and expressions. It will be divided up into a Sexy Dark (Kyungri, Son Sunga, Hyuna, Eunji) and Bright White (Sera, Minha, Lee Sam, Euaerin, Hyemi).

“The members had acknowledged this concept because it was unique. We will even show couple dances in our choreography. We used to show dark images but it’s a good opportunity to show a new appearance with the White Unit friends. It’s good how we will be able to show a stronger side of our Dark image.” (Hyuna, Eunji)


After holding a conversation with Nine Muses, we have forgotten the image of ‘girl groups being chic and arrogant’. Nine Muses is very easy-going and honest. Nine Muses has let out their difficulties for being mistaken on their personalities due to their stage concepts.

The staff who work with us wished that we should star in a reality program. They said ‘They have a strong image on stage but are down to earth off stage’. I think we are able to show many things due to our strong image. It’s good how we will be able to show a sudden change in charm as time goes by.” (Eunji)

“We are funnier than what we look like in the outside. The regrettable fact is that we wish to have idol friends but they don’t approach us. Many people would step away from us since the members are always together and are quite loud. We will approach them first when our promotions happen.” (Kyungri, Lee Sam)

With the average age of 25, and an average height of 172cm, Nine Muses earned the nickname ‘Model Idol’ since debut. Nine Muses became known through this nickname but in the other hand, they were also mistaken as a visual group rather than being skilled.

“The netizens misunderstood us for our age. There are a few idol maknaes who are older than us but since we are tall in height, many people misunderstood us for an older age. I think there was also prejudice about our aura.” (Eunji, Hyuna)

“We also think that we lack in skill. Since we are a group, we have small parts, so we didn’t have a proper stage to show off our voices. We wish to come on shows such as ‘Immortal Song’ to show that we have certain members.” (Son Sunga, Minha)


There is one unique factor about Nine Muses. They do not have a leader. It’s unique to see a girl group out of the many who don’t have a leader.

“I think it’s a good thing that we don’t have a leader. If there is a leader, all of the pressure will go on that person. I don’t think there is a need to pick a leader when each member does their job. Instead of saying that there is no leader, we’d rather describe us as 9 leaders within the group.”(Minha, Lee Sam)

Nine Muses, who will come back with an unique dark & white concept has set up their goals and plans for this year.

“We have been taking a break last year and I think many fans have been sad waiting for us. I hope to spend lots of time to make up for the time they have waited for us. We will not rest this year and work as hard as we can to make ourselves more known. Please be on the look out for a growing Nine Muses.”

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