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JYJ Will Release a 1000th Day Magazine


JYJ will release a magazine to commemorate their 1000th day in South Korea and Japan. C-JeS Entertainment stated, “We are going to release a magazine titled ‘The JYJ’ which is a celebratory interview magazine commemorating JYJ’s 1000th day. The magazine contains the records of everything that JYJ has done after their debut. This includes their worldwide English album, world tour, solo acts, musical appearances, and drama appearances."

C-JeS Entertainment even spoke about the recent settlement with SM Entertainment regarding JYJ’s contract status. They stated, “JYJ had a long legal fight that lasted 3 years because of an unfair contract. JYJ has gained more freedom. On top of that, it is even more meaningful because JYJ has helped other upcoming idols have better contractual conditions than before. Through the interview in the magazine, JYJ has talked about the hard times they went through because of the ‘restrictions’ they received.

C-JeS Entertainment’s CEO stated that he and JYJ wanted to use this chance to give a magazine that could be memorable to fans who have stuck with JYJ till the end.

JYJ said of the magazine, “Looking back at the 1,000 days there were a lot of difficult times but we can honestly say that we were happy. We tried very hard and there were hard times we did not anticipate. But, through these hardships we learned a lot and grew. We want to tell fans the happy days we felt throughout these 1,000 days.

The “The JYJ” magazine contains nearly 25 hours of interview content and is consisted of 139 pages. There is also a special DVD that comes with the magazine. “The JYJ” magazine will begin selling throughout South Korea and Japan in early February.

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