8:49 pm - 01/21/2013

Has K-Pop "Hit" America? Fuse seems to think so.

0nlymemories 22nd-Jan-2013 05:10 am (UTC)
I wasn't trying to imply that all of it is, just that there are definitely more reasons than "Korean labels are paying American journalists to talk about K-Pop because there is no other possible explanation for American music journalists talking about K-pop" for the current slew of articles about it. There are some artists I really enjoy releasing music right now, but it's definitely not a really content-heavy era for a lot of different sub-genres of English language music.

Speaking in a historical sense, we're at a very similar point of saturation and stagnation as the eras that immediately preceded both grunge and punk. I for one am looking forward to what's going to be the next "big thing" even as I recognize that the restructuring of delivery methods and the democratization of the means of distribution make it progressively less likely that there will ever be another "big thing" on the same level of cultural influence that those movements (and disco, and the original british invasion, and motown) had.

(Sorry if I sounded extra dismissive of American music, I just get really fed up with Omona-ians who seem to be convinced that K-Pop is awful and no one in the US would ever possibly enjoy it. It's so completely baffling, and offputting, that I tend to be a little knee-jerk about intimations that that is the case.)
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