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Actor Kim Young Kwang in controversy for body shaming in interviews

Article: Kim Young Kwang under controversy for his interview "I hate girls with thick legs..."

Vogue Girl: What kind of physical appearance do you dislike?

Kim Young Kwang: I hate anyone that looks pathetic. Anyone that looks like Sung Joon (model), I don't mind if they show up without their hair washed or something but when someone whose physical appearance I don't like shows up like that, I don't even want to look at them.

Vogue Girl: I'm not that into short, stubby hands.

Kim Young Kwang: I hate thick calves!

Vogue Girl: That's right, you said before that you look at a girl's legs the first time, right?

Kim Young Kwang: I look at everything (laugh).

Kim Young Kwang: I've said this in almost every interview but whether they be a male or female, I like them to be pretty. I know that it's not necessary to say things like this but I'll look at someone's physical appearance and say, "I don't like that person. I don't think they'll match me." Then my friends will be like, "Hyung, you're really mean, you know that?"


1. [+1,433, -139] There's a clear difference between saying 'I like people that are pretty and handsome' and 'I don't like people that are ugly.' He's really thoughtless. He got all his height and good looks from genes but it seems he got his brains from nowhere.

2. [+1,294, -116] After reading the article, it seems that the specific "legs" statement isn't the problem, but the fact that he just judges anyone based on their appearance and hates them if they're ugly. That's worse to me than what he said about the legs. I hope he matures~ Let's see how handsome he is himself. I don't even know this kid so I better go search him up.

3. [+1,222, -88] So this is where the exit was (TN: When netizens fall in love with a celebrity or join their fandom, fans will usually say there's no exit!! or where's the exit!! meaning there's nothing about them to dislike or leave them for.)

4. [+489, -11] Even if Won Bin said this, it'd be bordering dangerous territory... how dare YOU say it?

5. [+417, -7] If Kim Young Kwang hates people that are ugly with thick legs, then that's up to him. And if I hate on him for saying those things thoughtless, then that's up to me. In the end, you're responsible for the words you spit out. Celebrities make money off of their popularity with the public so it's up to the public to judge him worthwhile of their attention.

6. [+301, -8] Hul, daebak, I've totally lost interest in him. If he was born in '87, he should've matured already. He seems like he lives for the thrill of being handsome. Even though he grew taller, his brain seemed to have stopped developing in elementary school. I'm sure some of his fans are ugly with thick legs, I wonder how much he swore about them under his breath while dealing with them. He doesn't even know a thing about them... What a sick man.

7. [+283, -8] Logging out from you

8. [+263, -5] Even more handsome people than you like Won Bin, Jang Dong Gun, and Kang Dong Won don't say things like this;;;

9. [+262, -7] You're living proof of the stereotype that models are stupid

10. [+253, -3] Imagine how much he made fun of his fans in his head during fan meets ㅋㅋ

Article: Kim Young Kwang clarifies "I did not intend to put down physical appearances... It's a misunderstanding"

"There's been a misunderstanding regarding the controversy surrounding Kim Young Kwang. At the time of the interview, he did not intend to put down anyone's physical appearance. It was his birthday the day of his interview so it was a very fun and comfortable environment. He said it as a half joke half truth statement, and did not intend to discriminate against looks. Every word counts and can change the meaning of everything in an article. Kim Young Kwang is not the type to normally speak disrespectfully."

1. [+419, -16] There's no one in the world that will criticize you anyone for saying they like pretty girls. What becomes the problem and the differentiating factor in this case is when he says that he specifically hates ugly people and doesn't want to be around them. That is absolutely different from saying he likes pretty girls. He basically means that he judges people by their physical appearance and deems them worthy of forming a relationship with him if they're pretty enough to his standards. Instead of calling it a misunderstanding, he should've just admitted that he was thoughtless and apologized.

2. [+357, -19] Your career's already over...

3. [+303, -11] I know that journalists are the ones that create a lot of these controversies... But this one was not started by the journalist. If he and his reps knew that every word in journalistic articles count, he should've been more careful. He knew that his interview would be read by many and potentially spread through articles.

4. [+123, -2] Your excuse is pathetic. Didn't you say you hate pathetic people?

5. [+102, -3] You're right, you didn't seem to have any intent. It just seemed like you hate any man or woman if they're ugly. Thanks for showing us your true side.

Herald News via Nate | Newsen via Nate | netizenbuzz

Kim Young Kwang apologizes, but another body shaming interview is revealed

Article: Kim Young Kwang writes a letter of apology "I'm shocked at the misunderstandings that are being brought about over my controversy... I'm sorry"

"I'm sorry. This is Kim Young Kwang.

First of all, I'd like to sincerely apologize over the controversy that came up today over my interview. I'm sorry for disappointing those that have loved and supported me. Unlike my intentions, a part of my interview has brought about some misunderstandings that have both shocked and upset me.

I believe that my fans will think just as I have that there must be a misunderstanding after reading the articles released today. I will make sure that this doesn't happen again and that I don't disappoint or worry the fans that support me."


Clarification from the fashion editor that ran the interview: "There has been a misunderstanding. The conversation was held in a half joking half truthful manner. While transcribing his words, we had to cut out a part of his explanations to fit everything onto a limited number of pages. It seems people believe that Young Kwang-ssi discriminates people based on their physical appearance but if he was truly such a person that believed so, we would not have ran his response in our piece."


1. [+202, -3] What misunderstanding is he talking about when he said similar things in other interviews? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It seems he's been this kind of person all along

2. [+172, -5] So he said that he hated pathetic people and that he only liked pretty men or women as a joke? Wow, what an amazing person.

3. [+168, -5] Farewell

4. [+56, -0] What's really scary to me is that I can understand his preference for pretty people but it disgusts me that he deems anyone who is ugly as pathetic. How thoughtless.

5. [+46, -0] You said all your friends said that you were mean... Then you shouldn't have said those things...


There is another one of his older interviews (2008) floating around right now that just hit the media:

"I plan to continue advancing onto European stages, but my final hopes is to become an actor. Recently, I shot a music video with Shin Hye Sung and Lyn's for 'It's You'. I also played the role of a hitch hiker in the shopping mall '11th Street' CF. I broke up with my girlfriend last September. The reason? Why are you asking me that, it's embarrassing me. My ideal woman is someone who's smart and cute. Someone who dresses well according to each situation, but doesn't overdo it. What I think is ugly is when women with thick thighs and short legs wear skinny jeans. Or those that wear leggings and a miniskirt and sit with their legs spread open on the subway... I sincerely ask those people to stop."

TV Daily via Nate | netizenbuzz

Kim Young Kwang makes first public appearance since controversy

Article: Kim Young Kwang's first public appearance since 'physical appearance controversy' "I'm sorry for causing a disturbance"

"I'm sorry to those that support me for having caused such a disturbance. I've written a post on my clarification and what happened on my fancafe, so please refer to that for background."

1. [+510, -28] This is why a person's image is so important.. No matter what he does, he's just ugly to me now..

2. [+404, -14] You can hate ugly people. It's not right, but you're only human so it's possible. What's wrong, however, is expressing those thoughts in a magazine interview. It's not a mistake if you've said it more than once.

3. [+359, -12] I don't know who he's kidding with this 'unintentional' stuff..


"So easy for a celebrity to ruin his career overnight..."

"He should've said he'll try to fix his views instead of saying it was a misunderstanding."

"Career's so over..."

"I really hate when models act like they're better than everyone and consider themselves celebrities when all they have to show for it is their body."

"For a public figure to lay out so explicitly the type of body he hates in a hypothetical woman is basically just an attack against his fans and the people who like him."

"People are pissed and he needs to salvage his career... I wonder what he's thinking right now. 'How pathetic of these losers to be pissing me off.'"

"This is why celebrities market themselves to be mysterious. It's so easy to expose yourself as being stupid or ignorant the more you talk on TV. Just shut up and do your job."

"He probably thinks the only people hating him are girls with thick thighs."

"The fact that he has physical traits that he likes and dislikes or prefers over others isn't the problem because everyone has their own standards of beauty. The problem is when he treats people differently based on just those physical traits alone."

Asia Today via Nate | netizenbuzz

I know Omona probably doesn't care about "this nugu" but OP is really sad and disgusted :C
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