Moländra Tionne (spg2010) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
Moländra Tionne

Diva Sori knits a hat for ‘Save the Children’ charity event

Kim Sori hand-knit hats for newborns in need during the cold winter season.

The singer shared on her Twitter on the 22nd, “Finally complete!♥, ♡ A good deed during the winter for the 3rd year in a row!!! I feel better~★ Children in Africa, please don’t get sick, wear this hat, and live with hope! Let’s all make it together until next winter,” along with a couple of photos.

The photos show the singer’s blue hand-knit hats for Save the Children‘s ‘Knit One Save One‘ charity event. Netizens commented, “Good! How nice of you”, “Your face and heart are both beautiful”, and more.

Kim Sori recently made her long awaited comeback with new single, “Dual Life“.


Note to mods: I can't find her twitter and AllKpop didn't add a link to it so I hope this is okay!
Tags: charity, nugu, social media
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