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Nine Muses holds showcase for “Dolls” + talks about being compared to that other 9 member group.


Nine Muses became the first girl group to hold a comeback showcase at a military base just recently, visiting with soldiers and performing their upcoming single “Dolls” for the first time on the 22nd.

The girls dressed in military uniforms and visited parts of the base where soldiers are actually stationed and talked with them before going onto hold their showcase in front of cheering soldiers.

In addition to performances, the girls also engaged in an interview, sharing their thoughts about their comeback as well as comparisons to other girl groups.

The girls said “We’re the first to start promoting from our label this year, so our CEO is putting everything on the line for us. It’s our first activity since 9 months ago. We rested for so long that we were bored. We want to keep promoting this year and go on the red carpet at the end of the year. We hope this will be a time we will always remember.”

The girls debuted in 2010 as a 9-member group with most of the members having experience as models. Although the girls had a few member switches since then, they came back as a 9-member group again with new member SungA. Having become 9 members again, the girls have once again been compared to Girls’ Generation.

With their upcoming promotions overlapping with Girls’ Generation’s promotional period, the girls commented, “We’re so happy we can promote with Girls’ Generation sunbaenim. When we debuted, we were compared just because we were both 9 members. But after that, since we promoted as 7~8 members and showcased our own color as Nine Muses, we think we can appeal to fans with our own charm even though we’re 9 members again.”

They added, “Girls’ Generation has shown the public a growth process from girls to women. However, since we debuted later as older women, we’re focusing on showing off the various charms of women. From our debut, we had a goal to become someone that the 21st century women aspire to be, so our goal is to become the dreams and ambitions representative of women.”

The ladies will be coming back with the song “Dolls” on the 24th.

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