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Hyosung can add "life saver" to her resume

Jieun explains how Hyosung saved her life after their horrifying car crash late last year.

"Last year, after finishing our recording for Star King and heading home, our car was in an accident that caused it to flip over on the road. It hit a guard rail and dropped 5 meters below it. I was knocked out for a moment and woke up to the sound of the members calling my name. I found my lower body in the car but my upper half sticking out of a broken window. I was basically hanging upside down. There were glass shards right in front of my eyes and I knew I could've suffered a big injury if I was dropped.

I started crying the minute I saw all of the glass. Then Hyosung unni told me to stop crying and stay awake. When she asked where I was, I could hear their shock as I said that I was hanging outside. Hyosung unni then said that she'll take me out. I felt someone grab my foot and felt Hyosung unni use her leg to support the rest of my body. Unni had not yet recovered from her own leg injury and yet she still used her leg to hold me up. Hyosung unni ended up injuring her leg again because of me."

1. [+254, -17] T-ara, are you watching this?

2. [+232, -8] Ah... seriously jjang ㅠㅠ Hyosung's such a great leader.. Reading this really touched me. This is what a real group should be..

3. [+188, -4] I'm glad nobody was seriously injured. Still hoping for Zinger's complete recovery. Please promote more in the future!

1. [+271, -17] If T-ara was in the same accident, I bet they would've been like, "Bi*ch, move your leg!"

2. [+152, -4] I hope Zinger does well on her rib cage treatments and return to us soon.

3. [+140, -5] Definitely a heartwarming article

TV Report via Nate
Translated by Netizen Buzz
Tags: accident, secret
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