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Jessica, a Kind-Hearted Princess (A Handicapped Fan's Fanaccount)

The picture…i covered myself with the bear. please understand..;;

I wasn’t sure if i should write this or not. (the reason is that, i met sica by myself who is loved my many, feeling guilt?) but story is too good to keep to myself. so i’d like to write about how i met jessica today.

before telling the story…there are probably some people from woorissica who have seen me at the auditorium. if you saw handicapped man in wheelchair every performance, 8 or 9 out of 10, it was me. (well, not every performance. i didn’t go to dec 12th)

anyways, this was me. i’m sica’s fan..going to her musical like other woorissica members. but today at first intermission, i heard surprising thing from staff. that sica wants to meet me….if that’s is ok with me. i thought i heard it wrong.

“sica?? me? really?”…i was zoned out.

i think i was zoned out til staff asked me if i don’t want to. no way! chance for face to face with sica that i’d never thought would happen in my life…came so suddenly.

2nd half be honest, i don’t really remember because i was half zoned out. but i can guarantee sica was awesome! trust me!

i was happy and scared(?)…i couldn’t pay attention cuz i was zoned out. the performance was over. then i headed towards exit door while staff guided me.

then, an angel appeared in front of me. really, she was an angel. a feeling where a every light in the world was in one position…you know? too bright to get close…that feeling.

my heart was pounding, my body was shaking. i blacked out inside my head.. too much of a shock?

i felt like i gave up all my thought. i think i only remember saying ‘thank you.’ and ‘i was too surprised…’ it got to point where a staff beside me pointed out my hand shaking.

sica greeted by thanking meapproached me and took picture with me. sica came to me first and took picture with me, but i couldn’t do anything because i was too frozen.

the time went by so fast. sica was gone, and it was time for me to recover my consciousness.

come to think of it, there were so many things i wanted to say to sica but i didn’t say to her cuz my mind was frozen.

so i’d like to say some things to sica that i didn’t say.

thank you sica.


When I heard I could meet you, what moved me the most was.. More than the simple fact that I could meet you, it was because it made me think, ‘Sica cares and appreciates fans that watch from afar, too’.

I don’t know how other people may think.. But there are fans who can only see and support Sica from far away.
There are some fans.. Who can’t see Sica because we get covered by a crowd the closer we get to you.
I think of Sica calling me out separately and meeting me as Sica’s way of letting people know through me, who happened to be there, that she knows of fans like that.

And so I was even more thankful and was moved even more. Sica.

And Sica.
What you said on Byulbam (Younha’s radio) yesterday. I hurt a lot while listening to it. What you see on the outside isn’t everything.. Feeling pressed due to misunderstandings and people judging you, and preconceived notions..
Coincidentally, the role of Elle Woods you’ve been playing lately is that kind of character.. I assume there would be a lot on your mind. When I watch Legally Blonde, I always feel upset during parts where Elle Woods breaks down.

You’re putting in so much effort, to the point where you can’t even express how hard you’re working..
Even so, it hurts a lot when arrows of biases and preconceptions fly at you.
Still, Sica. Like how Elle Woods changes the perception of people little by little,
and, eventually, overcomes the stereotypes by gaining strength from people around her,
I think of Sica is in the process of erasing these biases, preconceptions, and misunderstandings.

And more than anything.. When I look at Sica and Elle Woods, know that there are people like me who gain strength to fight another misconception and misunderstanding.. and gain the composure to look at the world and smile.. Please, be strong. Sica.
Stand up and overcome all the biases, preconceived notions and misunderstandings.. I will pray that you win.
And I will always support you. I will always stand on your side. Can I do that?^^;

And.. Now that I think about it.. While watching your musical, I worried about how you had a cold.. But when I actually met you, I didn’t even get to say, ‘Get well soon!’. ㅠ.ㅠ
Sica. And so, the last thing I want to say to you is this. Hurry and get well soon.. I will hope that you are always! for a long time! forever! healthy.

Sica. Really, really for the last time, once more!
Thank you so much for today.
I was really proud of the fact that I’m your fan.
I will always support you! Fighting!


if you think this girl is a bitch, you are honestly missing out on an amazing girl who has so much love
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