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MBLAQ’s Lee Joon expresses his frustration on his official fancafe?

MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon‘s alleged post in his official fancafe has sparked interest and concern from fans as well as netizens.

Although the post is now gone, fans have uploaded various screen shots of their phones with the post that had been written under Lee Joon’s name.

The post had read, “Am I a robot? Who do I keep doing this for….? I put up with it as long as I could, and I have something called opinions too. Has anyone genuinely apologized..? I feel sorry for fooling people in an obvious way, I’m human so I can’t act out lies that are obvious.”

The post was made during the early hours on January 23rd, and was deleted shortly afterward. However, it garnered more than a hundred comments in moments, and captured images of the post has been spread online, gaining much attention.

Some are guessing that his post has something to do with how he is feeling about his appearance on ‘We Got Married‘ with Oh Yeon Seo after the actress’s scandal, while others believe that there is perhaps something else behind the words.

Some have also suggested that there is also a possibility that it was done by a hacker. Lee Joon does not log into the fancafe frequently, and he has once revealed that his email had been hacked. His label has not yet commented.

[Update: J.Tune Camp has revealed that they are in the process of confirming with Lee Joon. Read about it in the latest story here.

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J.Tune Camp confirms that Lee Joon indeed wrote the post himself

After a bit of wait, J.Tune Camp has now confirmed that the mysterious post left on the official fan cafe was indeed written by MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon himself.

The agency has sent out a press release with their official statement, revealing the story behind the post.

They began, “It is true that the words revealed on the official fan cafe were written by Lee Joon himself… It happened while Lee Joon was handling a packed schedule and was in the process of trying to negotiate his opinions with the agency.

“Lee Joon has been telling the agency about the importance and sincerity towards one stage, one project, and standing in front of the public as he carries out music activities, variety shows, dramas, and his movie, and he requested for enough time to be given to focus on whether it is project activities or music stage activities.”

They continued, “We were unable to reflect on Lee Joon’s opinions during the busy schedule, and although Lee Joon was trying to show a more sincere self to the public through the conditions he set, in an exhausted state, words he wrote out of emotion ended up being rashly revealed.”

J.Tune Camp wrapped up by commenting, “Lee Joon’s stress was great, and although we are a bit embarrassed and in an awkward position that these types of feelings have been publicized, as his agency family, it is something we can understand… We will work to more thoroughly manage his schedule so that he is able to focus on his activities to the level of his determination and sincerity, and also do our best to manage conditions so that he can do so.”


For those of you who haven’t been keeping up, a post had surfaced during the early hours of January 23rd written under Lee Joon’s name on their official fan cafe, which had stated, “Am I a robot? Who do I keep doing this for….? I put up with it as long as I could, and I have something called opinions too. Has anyone genuinely apologized..? I feel sorry for fooling people in an obvious way, I’m human so I can’t act out lies that are obvious.”

Although he deleted the post, screen captures began to spread, leaving netizens and fans concerned, with some believing that the idol was talking about ‘We Got Married‘. J.Tune Camp responded that they would be confirming with Lee Joon to see if the post had been written by a hacker or by Lee Joon himself, and they have now followed up with their official statement – revealing that Lee Joon had written the comment out of frustration with his busy schedule and wishing to be given more time to focus on each project.

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Well damn son, tell us how you really feel. If Oh Yeon Seo wasn't hated before (she was), she definitely is now!
That's the right way to handle this J.Tune, though I doubt they're as understanding behind the scenes.
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asnindie 23rd-Jan-2013 04:12 pm (UTC)
Anyone got any tea to spill on what's up? I just can't see this being about WGM at all.
onlylexy 23rd-Jan-2013 04:55 pm (UTC)
Me either. I think it's more about his stage personality.
aliice 23rd-Jan-2013 04:14 pm (UTC)
I feel bad for Yeon Seo honestly. Her agency didn't handle the situation really well. And the most recent episode of WGM was really uncomfortable to watch. :\ And plus Joon's feelings are pretty transparent. I feel bad for both of them. *pats*
aliice 23rd-Jan-2013 04:19 pm (UTC)
obvs - IF this is about WGM
hlilacism 23rd-Jan-2013 04:19 pm (UTC)
Wow, so impressed. A company who revealed the truth.
This is how one can genuinely handle situations like this.
Making up obvious lies only stirs up the media, fans and netizens.
What about you CCM and SME?!
in_noctem 23rd-Jan-2013 04:24 pm (UTC)
Knowing he has a history of bipolar disorder and depression worries me :\ He's always so upfront with his emotions and I just hope they don't brush this aside as a moment of 'great stress'. He works so hard, I just want him to be able to take a break to recuperate.

And I think it's unfair to hate on Oh Yeon Seo for this.
karmin90 23rd-Jan-2013 04:41 pm (UTC)
It seems like common kpop knowledge that Onew and Joon suffer from depression, etc. But, how does everyone know that? Is it a badly kept secret, or have they openly stated this?
shintotchi 23rd-Jan-2013 04:24 pm (UTC)
I am more grateful than I thought I'd be that the company is not attempting to sweep this up and that both they and Joon were candid in this situation. I feel sorry for my bb Joon, and I hope he doesn't get punished for this. I am also relieved that the stress was caused by this and not some darker more vile company scandal. Hearing Joon wants to concentrate/focus on one activity at a time rather than spread mediocrity everywhere makes me proud as a fan that he has standards.

edit: And I'm tired about hearing about Oh Yeon Seo. She got a life. Good for her. Leave her alone. At best the couples on WGM will become close friends, but other than JunJin and that other lady no one actually gets together. It's acting. REALITY TV. SK only just discovered it, so maybe it seems more realistic, but in the end it's still reality tv aka a lie.

Edited at 2013-01-23 04:26 pm (UTC)
stroplok 23rd-Jan-2013 04:45 pm (UTC)
basically everything you said tbqh
froggster 23rd-Jan-2013 04:47 pm (UTC)
J.Tune props to you for admitting you were inconsiderate. But yeah you were inconsiderate, so work on that.
Poor Joon. He just wants to give his all in everything he does, but his schedule doesn't allow that.

This doesn't seem to be about wgm at all so don't try to link it please.
asth77 23rd-Jan-2013 04:49 pm (UTC)
I've been worried about this guy since the day I heard about his bipolarity...
Anyway, it didn't seem to be about Yeon Seo at all, ppl need to take a chill pill.

J. Tune, you're doing it right.
hearttaek 23rd-Jan-2013 05:09 pm (UTC)
Props to how the Jtune PR handled this.taking the blame and acknowledging everyone was at fault.
CCM should take notes. But... Its prolly too late for them anyway

Edited at 2013-01-23 05:12 pm (UTC)
polaroidsho_ts 23rd-Jan-2013 05:41 pm (UTC)
For me, instead of Oh Yeon Seo, the message seems more directed towards the agency/management? The agency's statement/stand on his post also seems to support this theory. Like Joon is CLEARLY overworked, and has been for a really long time now, he has a lot on his plate, and sometimes when he's hosting or on shows you can tell the boy is definitely not in good condition. Hell on Idol Manager he doesnt even have the energy to put on a front for the camera and he's literally like a zombie throughout, it's so painful to watch /: So to me it seems like he's venting his frustrations a little on how he's being managed, and I think he has every reason to. We all know his personality is one to push through/endure no matter what, so for him to voice this out publicly clearly means that he's really reached the end of his rope. Seems like the message rang clear for the agency too, from the looks of their response. Really hope J.Tune will follow up on him personally and work things out cos I definitely do think they handled the PR side to this story well!
ceecile 23rd-Jan-2013 05:49 pm (UTC)
I agree but from some comments I've seen people immediately jumped to that conclusion. Mostly the tl;dr crowd or the stans just looking at an excuse to hate on her some more.
There's also the part where the scandal definitely could not have helped his stress so they blame her for that too.
falling_empress 23rd-Jan-2013 06:16 pm (UTC)
I'm honestly impressed with how JTune handled it...
sashays27 23rd-Jan-2013 07:07 pm (UTC)
wish I can give u a hug.
and those under depressions.
khuntflap 23rd-Jan-2013 07:07 pm (UTC)
Holy crap, a company taking responsibility for something, and admitting their fault? Is the world ending? OH GOD ARE ZOMBIES ON THE LOOSE?

No, but seriously, that's pretty earth shattering. I want to give Joon a bit ol' hug for putting himself out there, whether it got deleted or not. And, from his history and how hard he's working, I really doubt it has to do with WGM.
___varying 23rd-Jan-2013 07:15 pm (UTC)
</3 Please be okay, Joon.
reelrecnizereel 23rd-Jan-2013 07:18 pm (UTC)
I am so glad they didn't disregard his expression for some mere hacker and tired to sweep it under the rug. I sympathize with you Joon and I hope you get the rest and help you need thank you OP!!. A lot of people are in denial about these idols going through health/mental problems along with their members & companies making it worse and not acknowledging it at all.

I really hope their are no suicides in 2013 for kpop seriously.
zombiechick815 23rd-Jan-2013 07:33 pm (UTC)
This makes me sad to see this. I hope Joon is OK and that people are supporting him through this. I'm really glad they didn't gloss this over and actually owned it. I also think it makes Joon seem much more human and likable than the average idol because he's not glossing over his emotions and making his life/career seem so easy and fun.
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