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Soyu reveals she's a licensed hair stylist. Netizens throw around stereotypes.

This is actually a never ending debate/discussion/e-battle in probably every community board.

Women with jobs as nursing aides, beauty stylists, stewardesses, and preschool teachers are often stereotyped and looked down upon NOT BECAUSE Koreans think their jobs are low but because of the people that perpetuate the stereotypes of it being a last ditch effort for rebellious girls who drop out of high school and have nothing better to do.

Stewardesses and anchorwomen are looked down upon in a different way because they're seen as empty headed girls using their beauty to land a rich man to marry themselves off to.

These stereotypes have become such a societal norm that if a man brings home a woman in any of those jobs, his parents will usually forbid him from marrying her, etc.

Obviously since not everyone in these professions are like that, they're always trying to defend themselves on community boards, which leads to just a clusterf*ck of debates.

Article: Soyu's unique work experience
Source TV Daily via Nate

1. [+237, -22] She looks like she'd be a hairstylist

2. [+115, -23] You guys are being way too harsh. Actual hairstylists who actually care about their jobs and do well might get hurt reading these comments.

3. [+102, -16] Soyu's just as great of a singer as Soyu so why don't they give her that push she needs! Soyu fighting!


4. [+40, -39] The top three careers of girls who frequent night clubs: nurse's aide, hairstylists, preschool teachers

5. [+35, -3] I didn't know she had a license but as soon as I saw the title, I thought wow~ she actually does look like she'd have one. Totally matches up.

6. [+33, -18] So how did this iljin become a singer then -_-

7. [+29, -36] Oh.. I see... so she was one of those unnis who skipped school, learned hairstyling, smoked, and fooled around..

8. [+26, -25] Why is she getting all this hate for just having a license... It's nothing to hate on her for. Not every girl with a hairstyling license means they were an iljin.
- Yes it does
- Hair dressing is the last career choice for iljins that sucked in school and have nothing better to do

9. [+23, -17] A normal scene in front of any beauty school... 20 year old girls sitting around in groups with a cig in their mouths, spitting on the floor while swearing up a storm and glaring at anyone that passes by.. Talking about who they slept with at the club last night..

10. [+22, -9] Looks like she dropped out of high school for beauty school before debuting as a singer. Any girl in the beauty trade is no better than the other

11. [+20, -4] I know it's a stereotype but you gotta admit that a lot of the hairstylists were iljins

Source: Netizenbuzz, Nate

Wow homogenising a whole freaking gender and throwing everyone else to the curb if they didn't fit in. Also it sucks that the first 18 years of your life are used to judge the rest of it.
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