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JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong Opens Himself Up to His Fans in His First Solo Concert

Kim Jae Joong launched an entirely new form of concert never before seen in the country, bringing together a fanmeeting and concert in one for his Your, My and Mine concert.

The concert previously broke records by bringing down the ticket reservation site′s servers for the longest time and bringing in the biggest number of overseas IPs to the site.

Kim Jae Joong′s fanmeeting and mini concert Your, My and Mine took place for a whopping 240 minutes on January 26, inviting 8,000 fans to enjoy the three-part concert. The first two parts ′Your′ and ′My′ were put together as fanmeetings, while the third part ′Mine′ was a mini concert. The singer not only sang and danced, but also acted, cooked, imitated other singers and talked with his fans.

Everything about Kim Jae Joong

As much as the audience had been anticipating a colorful performance, Kim Jae Joong delivered with even more than was expected of him.

Boom, the special MC for the concert′s fanmeeting section, heightened spirits with his unending adlib jokes. Kim Jae Joong didn′t fall behind, showing how excited he was about his performance by talking his heart out. He said he had set himself down, and he certainly proved it by showing off his wit and humor.

He brought a member of the audience onstage to reenact a scene from the drama Lovers in Paris, and imitated Jo Sung Mo and band Y2K′s vocalists while talking about the talents he had put down in his profile for his debut.

For his performances, of course, he was able to conquer every genre, going from rock to ballad and dance.

The giving Jae Joong tree
Kim Jae Joong not only presented himself to his audience, but also picked out lucky fans from the audience to give out more personal, individual presents. He put a necklace around the neck of the winner of the ′Golden Bell with Jae Joong′ game, and pinned brooches on the shirts of the final three who had won a rock paper scissors game.

He provided a glimpse into his everyday life by calling up fellow JYJ member Kim Junsu in a surprise video call, catching Kim Junsu alone at home watching TV. He then cooked his favorite dish rappokki (tteokbokki with ramyeon noodles) onstage and fed forkfuls to three fans who had been chosen in a random draw.

Everything the fans wanted, he granted. When he mentioned that he was practicing Confession following his performance of Im Jae Bum′s For You and fans wanted him to sing it, he immediately sang out a part from the song without any accompaniment.

He even performed the ′one plus one is gwiyomi (cute)′ at requests from his fans though he had never done it before.

Jae Joong′s rock spirit
The highlight of the show was the third part, the mini concert Mine, in which fans were able to hear Kim Jae Joong what he did best: Sing. The singer sang a total of 10 songs including the encore tracks, mixing together tracks from his mini album I and covers of songs from other singers.

He unleashed his rock spirit with the traditional rock pieces from his album, as well as Im Jae Bum′s For You and a rock rearrangement of Kim Gwang Suk′s Though I Loved You. For his promotional single Mine, which he performed as an encore performance, he appeared in the leather costume he had donned for the music video of the single.

Kim Jae Joong said about the concert, "I was determined to do a lot for the concert. It′s my first solo performance in Korea, and my first exclusive concert ever. I want to thank all those who helped me with the concert, and for the fans who have showed me their support for such a long time."

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