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T-ara to release original Japanese single "Bunny Style" in March with sub-unit and solo songs includ

The release of the long awaited Japanese original track, バニスタ! (Bunny Style), has been decided!

With the new member Areum who joined last year, big news from the newly formed T-ara!

As craved by the fans, the new Japanese original single バニスタ! (Bunny Style) has been set for a release on March 20th! (Further details to be announced afterwards.)

For the first time, the Limited Edition CD+DVD will have 3 editions and the Regular edition will be 7 editions, in total there will be 10 discs on sale.

The Limited Edition CD+DVD disc will feature バニスタ! (Bunny Style) plus sub-units of T-ara along with music videos for both バニスタ! (Bunny Style) and sub-unit songs. In addition, the Regular Editions will feature solo music of the 7 T-ara members. That makes 11 new Japanese original tracks!

Limited Edition A: バニスタ! c/w Sign (Soyeon + Areum)
Limited Edition B: バニスタ! c/w シャボン玉のゆくえ (Boram + Qri)
Limited Edition C: バニスタ! c/w Dangerous Love (Eunjung + Jiyeon + Hyomin)
Regular Edition D: バニスタ! c/w 愛の詩 (Soyeon Solo)
Regular Edition E: バニスタ! c/w Two as One (Eunjung Solo)
Regular Edition F: バニスタ! c/w Maybe Maybe (Boram Solo)
Regular Edition G: バニスタ! c/w For You (Jiyeon Solo)
Regular Edition H: バニスタ! c/w Do We Do We (Qri Solo)
Regular Edition I: バニスタ! c/w Love Suggestion (Hyomin Solo)
Regular Edition J: バニスタ! c/w Happy Rain (Areum Solo)

Source: HMV, Diadem T-ara's official JP site

This single is rumored to involve some sort of collaboration with Sanrio's MY MELODY character (hence the Bunny title) since Soyeon mentioned something about them working with Sanrio at their fanmeeting last month and the merchandise they gave out was covered in My Melody as well.

Resubmitted with a smaller image! Oops!
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