12:26 pm - 01/30/2013

Ailee releases "Ice Flower" MV for "Queen of Ambition" OST

Two days ago, the official track to Ailee's OST song for the SBS drama "Queen of Ambition" was released. The music video for "Ice Flower" was finally released on January 30th, following the digital release of the song.

The music video features several scenes from the drama, telling the story between the two main characters. "Queen of Ambition" tells the story of a greedy woman, who aims to be the First Lady and get away from poverty, and a man who will do anything for her. It features actors Kwon Sangwoo, SooAe, Jung Yoonho and Kim Sungryung.

"Ice Flower" features a 24-piece orchestra and Ailee's emotional and endearing vocals.

The melodrama airs every Monday and Tuesday nights at 9:55PM KST on SBS.

Source : LOENENT | koreaboo

Do you like it? Have you been watching the drama?
vvipforseungri 30th-Jan-2013 03:51 pm (UTC)
I actually really love this song! I didn't like the last OST song, but this was really good.
chostick_1988 30th-Jan-2013 04:07 pm (UTC)
Love the song.
Is the drama worth watching? I love Kwon Sangwoo but if a drama isn't good I won't watch it even if my favorite oppars are in it XD
anconeous 30th-Jan-2013 04:14 pm (UTC)
I heard this drama is bordering in makjang levels and frankly, I'm curious. My last melo was Nice Guy, and I feel like it's time I watch another drama that will get me through so many emotions. I don't even care if my beloved Yunho oppa's acting is crappy. LOL

And of course, Kwon Sangwoo's tears are just something else to watch. :)
waterpulse 30th-Jan-2013 04:35 pm (UTC)
I love the song but this drama is basically Miss Ripley, but with an even less repentant lead actress. Like I'm all for a villainous leading lady, but the things she does is just so unrelatable I couldnt keep watching. :/
weerainbow 31st-Jan-2013 12:17 am (UTC)
Beautiful song! But I get the feeling if I watch any more than the little bit of the drama I checked out I'll just feel like crying most of the time which I'm definitely not in the mood for right now. I've always thought Kwon Sang Woo was a great actor so I was tempted but perhaps later when it's finished I might watch it and just skip the parts that are too depressing...
aleash1989 31st-Jan-2013 04:53 am (UTC)
The song is really pretty!

The drama is... Hm. I'm not really sure how to describe it. It's such a dramatic soap opera. (It's like the writers are trying to make the drama bigger than what it is.) I would suppose it's sort of different in that the male lead is the one doing all the crying, so there is that. I'm just glad Yunho, the reason I started watching, has enough cute moments to keep me interested because his acting and the plot could definitely be better. I mean, the writers started this whole crazy side plot in episode 5 making it just to easy for me to see how things got to where they were in the beginning of episode 1. I already predicted one thing correctly (I'm trying not to give spoilers), and if things continue this way, things are going to get real boring real quick for me.
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