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Miss A for Issue Daily, Suzy airport fashion + other stuff

130129 domino's pizza event with Jung Il Woo




Suzy gives something to Kim Soo Hyun and it is news ok

miss A‘s Suzy and actor Kim Soo Hyun were recently captured in a friendly display abroad.

The photos, which were recently uploaded to an online internet community, show the two hot celebrities standing outside Thailand’s Bangkok airport, after finishing a photo shoot for the clothing brand, Bean Pole Outdoor.

Suzy was shown handing over a package wrapped in clear plastic to Kim Soo Hyun, raising the curiosity of fans and leaving them wondering what the package could have contained.

The duo are known for exhibiting their chemistry in the 2011 hit drama, ‘Dream High‘. The full ‘Bean Pole Outdoor’ photo shoot will be revealed in February.

What do you suppose could’ve been in that package?

Is love in the air for Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun?

Article: Suzy gives Kim Soo Hyun a present? Spotted at Thai airport

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

1. [+550, -54] There's something up with these two........

2. [+503, -51] You two are dating.... aren't you?

3. [+432, -49] I think there's something between them...

4. [+108, -3] Help us, Dispatch ♡

5. [+96, -7] They must have gotten closer regardless, especially after the kiss scene and all the CFs they shot together. Considering how they were filming overseas together, they probably ate together, sat next to each other on the plane...

6. [+96, -39] Kim Soo Hyun is kinda... He doesn't have the potential to be anything like Won Bin... but he's still a high quality actor... Kinda hard to classify him

7. [+60, -12] Suzy always seemed like she had a crush on Kim Soo Hyun. There were a lot of times where you could tell she was shy in front of him. And Kim Soo Hyun doesn't look too bothered by it, almost like he's thinking she's alright..

8. [+33, -0] Or they could just be friends...

9. [+30, -6] So celebrities can't even give each other presents anymore?

10. [+28, -6] And there goes a journalist causing yet another scandal

Allkpop | Sports Chosun via Nate + Netizenbuzz

Oops Mods please disregard the other one :)

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