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Sunggyu discusses some of the hardships he faced before his debut on Happy Together

On the January 31st broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Happy Together 3‘, INFINITE‘s Sunggyu revealed some of the hard times he had to face after coming to Seoul by himself.

During the episode, Sunggyu surprised the guests by sharing that he came to Seoul from his hometown Jeonju without any definite plans in order to become a singer. He revealed that his parents did not support his dreams initially and told him, “If you’re going to do that then get out.

Sunggyu shared that he was confident that he would succeed as a singer, and with this mind set, he packed his bags and with the money he earned from part time jobs, he left for Seoul.

To support himself once he was in the city, Sunggyu had to take on a lot of odd end jobs such as carrying charcoal at meat restaurants, serving at a cafe, and working at a bakery. He shared, “I was sad. When I was working at the restaurant and saw families come and eat delicious meals together while I was working in Seoul alone without my family, I wanted to cry at times.”

On the same episode, Sunggyu revealed his simple recipe of mixing kimchi with beaten egg and frying it, and shared that he used to make this fried kimchi dish whenever he missed home cooked meals.

source: akp 


I guess it all worked out nicely because Nell's manager told him about Woollim holding auditions when he served him at a cafe :') 
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