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Nine Muses goes to bath houses together!


Nine Muses’, a girl group debuted in 2010 is a team with a strong color. There are no other teams in the country who have similar concepts to them.

We cannot find Nine Muses’ outcomes in various places. They are called ‘Military Presidents’ due to their popularity in the army. They have also become models for Water Park ‘Woongjin Play’, Cosmetics ‘Mizon’, Clothing brand ‘Kappa’, Gaming program ‘M Star Online’, Cellphone brand ‘Galazy 3 Olympics’ etc. They have also been models overseas for Japanese eye-glass brand ‘HUG OZAWA’.

“We are finally back as Nine Muses!” (Lee Sam)

In 2010, they had nine members, hence their name ‘Nine’ Muses.

Soon after, there were member changes. They were seven members 2 years ago, then became eight members, and now they have become nine members. If this was the case, they had to name themselves ‘Seven Muses’, ‘Eight Muses’ but it was a bad idea to go back and forth.

Son Sunga is the newest member in Nine Muses. She went to island ‘Fiji’ for immigration then came back to Korea in middle school. She is also called a ‘tomboy’ who held harpoons and ran around the oceanfront barefooted. She is an adult but her appearance is yet a bit swarthy. “I think I have gotten whiter now” she said and laughed. She also said “Since I was born in the year of the snake, ‘Nine Muses’ will win win”.

Ever since Nine Muses was formed, they had a fixed condition. They all had to be 170cm and over. It’s to show a fresh fashion and healthy image.

The team is composed of two members who have been winners of super model contests and other have been fashion models. When they walk around, people would ask “Who are they?”. They have been gaining attention ever since.

Their promotions held in the beginning were not the best, they were often judged about their performances. Lee Sam said “We were often referred to as ‘Never Heard Before” and “Everyone clenched their teeth and lived in the practice room in order to open the ears and hearts of people”. Nine Muses comes from ‘Star Empire’, the same label as girl group Jewelry. In 2011, they had a very filling schedule for dance practice. Minha said “We started to get together and became congenial which made the team atmosphere lighten up. We also got to get closer to the public.”.

Their biggest change was their music. Sweetune, the composers of ‘Mister’, ‘Rock U’, ‘Honey’ teamed up with Nine Muses last year. The songs released by Nine Muses last year were all done by Sweetune. The songs contained a different genre and new sound, also containing new challenges to music. This was when people started to say that Nine Muses started to change.

Hyemi said “We received good comments after the amount of effort we put in” and “I was happy to hear the words ‘you are cool’ from the female fans”. Most of the members are learning how to play an instrument at the moments and other members spend time with the composers for composing raps.

The teams has a very strong bond due to the downfalls they have done though. They always have conversations on the way. The members said “We do not have a dorm so our bond is strong”. The member Eunji said “We each need our own space” and “Since we are all adults, we do not need to get tired of small things.”. They can win over the fact that they do not live together. They gather together at the salon in the morning by taking the underground or bus from home. If it’s late at night, the manager would take them back home. Lee Sam said “The manager oppas work very hard because of this”. If they have a schedule overseas, they enjoy it like an MT and play games such as Hide and Seek. They also gather together and go to public bath houses.

The new album took a step further. Excluding the real instruments, the album is composed of electronic guitar, bass and band sounds. The sounds were made by guitarist Hong Jun Ho, Bassist Lee Tae Hoon etc. This is the reason as to why ‘Dolls’ is so dynamic. The song ‘Only Looking’ is also electronic.

The cheers from the female fans is getting louder but the ones from the army are the strongest. Campaigned for no smoking, servicemen, marathons often get requested to Nine Muses. They also get requests from Japan and China.

“We still have lots of achieve. We wish for the team and the members to shine this year. Please keep an eye on us since we each are charming..” Kyungri.


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