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more about @wgsun's wedding fashin

Sun’s Style for Pre-Wed shoot, Press Conference and Wedding Ceremony

count them

On top: Wedding Dresses (Pre-Wed shoot & Ceremony) - by Lee Myung Soon

Dress A: H-line dress embroidered with thousands of Swarovski crystals, backless rear view and a narrow and long train.

Dress B: Dress with 24k gold-lace details to create a lovable and luxurious image.

Press Conference - "Barbie" by Lee Myung Soon

"Mermaid-line dress made with two-tone ivory silk lace completed with patchwork ruffles at the waist and bottom."

Hanbok - by Lee Seung Hyun

Bridal Shoes - by Bride and You

This shoe is tailor-made for Sun and named after her: ‘MIN SUN YE’.

Bridesmaid Dresses - by Lee Myung Soon
"Mini dresses in pastel color reflecting 2013’s trend."

Source: Sunlights WW Tumblr
Tags: fashion, jyp entertainment, marriage, sunye, wonder girls

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