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Ambitious debuts that met an early demise


1. D. BACE

Produced by Lee Hyun Do, what's more surprising about this duo is that they are still active and promoting. At the time of their debut, they were one of the most anticipated rookies alongside X-Large and were expected to be the ones to continue the boy group legacy of g.o.d. Unfortunately, their career is often compared to Big Bang's pre-"Lies" release era, except without the "Lies" release. They never had a hit track and eventually disappeared as failures.


2. 2Shai

At the time, DSP was big enough to be considered SM's rival despite current circumstances. When SM came out with male duo Fly to the Sky, DSP later debuted 2Shai. Their debut track "Love Letter" earned fame much after its release but they managed to gain recognition for their vocal talent. Unfortunately, their follow-up promotions didn't do as well as expected, putting an end to their career. An unfortunate case of a talented group unable to earn popularity for it.


3. Blackbeat

A rather daring attempt by SM, as Blackbeat was completely a performance-oriented group. They came out with double title tracks - a rare instance back in the day - but ultimately failed to avoid criticisms for being a dance group without any vocalists. Compared to other SM groups, their fandom was also weak in comparison and they've thus been remembered as one of the failures of SM. Member Shim Jaewon is currently a choreographer for SM.


4. Milk, Shinvi

Girl group produced by Moon Hee Jun. Milk, Shinvi, Morning, Blackbeat, and CSJH are considered the 'top 5 disasters' of SM. The reason Milk, Shinvi, and Morning failed was because... they had no option but to fail. They are probably a dark history SM would want to erase. Member Park Hee Bon is currently an actress.


5. Jung Chul

Hyped as the son of Nami, he received a lot of attention during his debut thanks to the name recognition of his mother. He received a lot of support, even singing an OST for the popular drama 'Sangdoo, Let's Go to School', but ultimately failed in reaching success due to a lack of talent. He hasn't been promoting since his last album release two years ago.


6. i13

An ambitious project group produced by Sobangcha's Jung Won Kwan. Comprised of 13 teens, the group failed to gain any attention and was met with fast failure.

Netizen comments:

"Some of the reasons for failures are too subjective. Blackbeat had a vocalist. Jung Jin Young is currently a vocal trainer in SM. Jung Chul was a great singer as well, just that his vocal color wasn't what the public was used to."

"How could the legendary Ori be missing from this list... The shocking debut stage and then her subsequent disappearance..."

"I think Blackbeat's Jung Jihoon is also a vocalist in WE."

"i13 disbanded because their food expenses alone for the group and their staff exceeded $10,000 a month ㅋㅋㅋ"

"I remember wondering why Blackbeat never got popular. They had decent songs, just that they were all a bit dark in theme."

"I don't know about the reasons for their failure but 2Shai, Blackbeat, and Jung Chul all have awesome songs... I still listen to 2Shai even today."

Source: Telzone, Netizenbuzz

Omona, did any of you stan for failed groups?
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