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KARA to possibly advance into the European market with the help of Kobalt Music

After taking on the Korean and Japanese music scene, it’s been announced that KARA may possibly advance into the European market!

It’s said that music publisher Kobalt Music feels that KARA has what it takes to be a success in the European music scene judging from their success in Korea and Japan, and recently offered to help the group reach out to the markets of United Kingdom and Europe.

Kobalt Music’s proposal includes KARA releasing songs from Kobalt Music, and the company distributing the tracks in the United Kingdom and Europe. DSP Media confirmed that they have indeed received such an offer on the 4th, commenting,“We will fully review the offer.”

KARA recently became the first Korean girl group to hold a solo concert at the exclusive Tokyo Dome and has been one of the representative Korean artists in Japan, and now have fans anticipating to see a possible expansion out into the European market.

For more information about Kobalt Music, you can check out their website here.

source: akp
Tags: kara, overseas activities

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