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MBLAQ news: the kids are on TV, and it's Joon's birthday! #HappyJoonieDay26

G.O and other idols will cameo in KBS sitcom 'Remaining Love'

MBLAQ‘s G.O., KARA‘s Seungyeon, ZE:A‘s Siwan, SECRET‘s Ji Eun, and INFINITE‘s Sunggyu will all be making cameos in the upcoming KBS2 sitcom ‘A Bit of Love‘ (‘Remaining Love‘).

According to KBS reps, “The idols are not fixed cast members, but for about three weeks, they’ll appear as the younger versions of the five main characters and leave a strong first impression.”

G.O. will be playing the younger role of manly man Lee Jae Ryong, while Siwan will play the main character’s crush (Kim Tae Hoon). Ji Eun is set to play the feminine character of Do Ji Won, while Sunggyu will play weak-bodied Lee Hoon. Seungyeon is warming up her acting chops by playing the main character’s (Kim Sun Mi) younger self.

It’s reported that the producers of ‘Immortal Song 2‘ had a hand in picking the idols.

Check out the premiere of ‘A Bit of Love’ on February 18th KST!


preview of the show, unsubbed and with zero MBLAQ in it

G.O holding a baby

I'm not entirely sure what the deal is here... but it seems like this is a baby from KBS sitcom 'Remaining Love' and G.O has a cameo for the show as stated above

Top caption:
MBLAQ G.O in the flesh who makes my [heart] flutter ♥♥

Bottom caption:
Courteously well-behaved nice G.O
Totally love it♥


Thunder filming 'Nail Salon Paris'

bb Thunder was recently cast as a lead in upcoming drama 'Nail Salon Paris' along with KARA's Gyuri. Here are some stalkerpics of him in suspenders. So cute!




Mir and his mom on Star Family Show

I have no idea what is happening in these pics but I think I see idols and their moms? (Jewelry's Yewon and Sistar's Hyorin??) and also Kwanghee in some other pics?



Happy Birthday Joon!

#MBLAQ It is February 7th, 2013 today. It is Lee Joon’s birthday, who is pretty mainstreamed recently! Happy BirthDay Joon!! #HappyJoonieDay26


J.Tune Camp changed the header of the MBLAQ fancafe, too


MBLAQ's Hello Baby son Leo offers support to Joon

Leo's drawing was uploaded on Jan 27, sort of in the thick of the fancafe/WGM drama



Seungho on All The K-POP

subbed 15 minute cut and some bts footage as well

G.O on tv - allkpop, tsfamily2013
G.O and a baby - Sia's Mom's Blog on naver, TRANSLATION: rawfudge @
Thunder's drama - @humi0928
Mir and his mom - @humi0928 (1, 2)
Joon's birthday - @JTune_official, TRANSLATION: icarus, MBLAQ fan cafe
Hello Baby - @ReciponLeo
Seungho on All The K-POP - wasser00000
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