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MR.MR News Photoshoots & anything else~

Mnet (watch for the incredibly strange noise Tey makes;;)

In MR.MR there is So Ji Sub & Yoo Ah In? The similar look is startling (linked the article here from the title as well as down below so you can go look at it/read it if you want since I can't translate full articles)

MR.MR: "Can great rookies become even more than national idols?" (Interview)

MR.MR: "Visuals like Actors? We're a Vocal Group"

MR.MR: "Our Average Height is 181 cm (5'11"), but We Still Worry About Shoe Inserts"

MR.MR who is returning with Highway, "Our debut song 'Who's That Girl' 헬스장에서 여전히 인기라는데…"

[Interview] MR.MR: "Rapper 0 [members], Vocal 5 [members]…song 나오면 survival"

MR.MR: "This year we undoubtedly want to become national-dols"






MR.MR: “Average height 181cm…our choreography role model is Rain”

source: Naver News, JoyNews24 via Naver News, OSEN via Naver News, Sports Chosun via Naver News, Newsen, enews via Naver News, OhmyNews via Naver News, Billboard Korea,

Sorry for the incomplete title translations, but I figured it was better when I didn't really understand. Some of these reporters sound like they're trying to start a fight too -_-;; I was going to include this with the twitter post because it's all stuff their official twitter has posted, but it wouldn't all fit in one post;;
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