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MR.MR Twitter Post~

Today is also a day to practice hard! I'm MR.MR's Changjae ㅋㅋ

Who could this be from the back? MR.MR COMEBACK D-9!

MR.MR is in the middle of an interview! Please anticipate their activities~!^^

On a cold winter night, MR.MR's Tey is driving a convertible and filming the Highway MV! MV Release D-2!

(from M!Countdown Comeback stage)

MR.MR's Ryu & Changjae delivering a present~ Today's KBS2TV live broadcast Music Bank! 6PM~ Please watch the broadcast!

Wow, we ate well! Thank you^^ Please cheer for MR.MR a lot today!

Everyone! I'm leader Jin♥♥♥♥♥ MR.MR has finally comeback today. Our unchanging waiting fans, news fans, people we may be of help to, thank you. I/we will work hard♥

Everyone this is Tey! How was today's MuCore performance? Was it cool~~? We were able to wrap up safely on the strength of everyone's cheers!! Today was better than yesterday so more than today, tomorrow [will be]! I/we will show an even cooler appearance~~~♥ Smooch~~♥

It's Ryu~♥ Please watch the broadcast today!!♥

It's Changjae! You were waiting for MR.MR's Inkigayo performance, right?! heuhit ~ Please anticipate it~ !

While in an interview, time for a cup of tea~ We have ambiance/atmosphere, right~? ㅋㅋ We're MR.MR's Doyeon & Jin~!

Comeback performances are finished until next week. 미스터미스터를 더욱더 알려야되는 한주가되겠네요 (I have no idea what this means) Since it's getting colder don't forget to be careful not to catch a cold, okay? I love you all (tweet)

MR.MR now?! Is in the middle of Japanese K-fan me Interview~!

MR.MR official slogan has been announced! Live broadcast site & next in official fancafe online order is possible^^ Please confirm the announcement! (I think this is probably actually talking about the official fanchant -_- but I'm not sure)

We've broke through more than 1000 followers! As commemoration, throwing MR.MR maknae's Ryu selca to you!

On the Highway MV filming site, MR.MR members are in the middle of shooting jacket photos!

Ryu & Jin during MV filming!

MR.MR's Changjae & Tey~ In the middle of intensively reading fanletters!

Today is Music Bank again! 6PM KBS2 Watch the broadcast~! MR.MR's members are in middle of monitoring their rehearsal :)

It's MR.MR's Tey~ Today on Music Core too, watch the broadcast! ㅋㅋ

Tey- With Jin hyung in the distance in the waiting room doing a V 낼인가두. Please anticipate our clothes.

Watch MR.MR on SBS Inkigayo~!

Because you waited even though it snowed, sorryㅠㅠ

Car meeting in the snow! Our MR.MR fans are the best~^^

Jin- Today's car meeting was fun. In that snow falling weather you all worked hard, recording after the fact loud shouts gave us strength. I love you all♥

Tey- Last night there was heavy snowfall! Always be careful careful of snow on the road and be careful when driving as well! A new week has started! For this one week as you look at Tey's picture have strength, be happy! heuheut

During Highway MV shooting, 4 men in suits who took on an important role! MR.MR Ryu, Jin, Changjae, Doyeon!

MR.MR is now? in the middle of an interview~

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this is a compilation of tweets from their official twitter. I translated tweets as much as I could, but I couldn't translate everything. The post opens with a group shot, but after that the tweets start from before their comeback :) Leader Jin needs to learn how to use punctuation. His tweets are too hard to translate >:(
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