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Jay pisses off netizens again

Article:Jay Park, an indirect middle finger swear? Why bother apologizing at all?

Sans titre 1

1. [+436, -47] Who exactly is he giving the middle finger to, and why so persistently? Looks like him talking crap about Korea wasn't a mistake at all. His stupid fangirls shielded him saying it was a mistake and that it was distorted but he's hated Korea from his roots. What a disrespectful delinquent. Does he think that behaving in such a manner is cool and free-spirited?

2. [+385, -58] If people knew he was this kind of person from the start, Park Jin Young and 2PM wouldn't have received all that hate... I never hated him but I always knew there had to be a reason... Well, I guess this is it

3. [+350, -54] I want to stop seeing him in Korea! He's just a nobody clown

4. [+66, -7] I never had any ill feelings toward him but this is not right... I can call the first time a mistake but once you continue making those same mistakes...

5. [+59, -8] What if he's doing this to piss off his company, get kicked out, and go back to America...? I really can't fathom why he would behave like this

6. [+58, -7] He's really persistent, isn't he

7. [+49, -3] Is he on drugs? What's wrong with him ㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+45, -6] What happened to all of the stupid fangirls that shielded him when he talked crap about Korea? If it weren't for you bi*ches, he'd be kicked out of Korea by now but thanks to you, he's still sitting here talking crap about Korea and acting up like this. It's all your damn faults, brainless fangirls.

9. [+42, -6] Does he not think through his actions... What's wrong with him...

10. [+39, -3] What a cowardly act of revenge. How long do you think people will continue to view you in a positive light? It was upsetting to see you have to return to America for an unfortunate event but the way you've been acting since your return, it's obvious that you only consider Korea as a way to make money. Wake up. Your popularity won't last for as long as you think.

Source TV Daily via Nate netizenbuzz

Tiger JK

Source : Tiger JK @ twt
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