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Jewelry’s Yewon reveals she was asked out by a male celebrity born in ’79

Yewon Gets Them Oppas

On the recent broadcast of QTV‘s ‘Shin Dong Yup and Ranking Women‘, Jewelry‘s Yewon featured as a guest and surprised viewers by revealing she was once asked out by a male celebrity 10 years older than her.

When asked by Shin Dong Yup, “Have you ever been asked out by an older man?”, Yewon answered, “Yes. He was a guy ten years older than me.”

The guests then began to dig for more info and asked, “Singer? Actor?”, flustering Yewon. She tried to avoid a direct answer and just revealed that the mystery man is a celebrity born in ’79. Seeing how flustered Yewon was, Shin Dong Yup stated, “Let’s change the subject now,” to Yewon’s relief at first, but then he added,”Let’s leave it to netizens to figure out the identity of the man,” bursting the set into laughs.

Park Eun Ji, Lee Bon, Solbi, Jung Ga Eun, and Jung Kyung Mi also featured as guests on the episode.

Any idea who the mystery celebrity might be?

Source: allkpop

Any guesses Omona? Mine is Shinhwa's Dongwan.
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