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Se7en gets emotional during his final concerts before enlistment

Se7en sheds tears in front of his fans for the first time in his career!

On the first day of his concert tour, February 7, in Tokyo, Se7en was brought to tears at a special event fans had prepared for the singer.

In order to express his thanks toward his fans, Se7en sang for the first time the track Thank You (Arigato), which he lyricized himself, onstage this day. As soon as he arrived at the part of the lyrics in which he sings ′Arigato′, the 2,000 fans in the venue all held up signs reading ′Arigato Se7en′. At the surprise event, Se7en wasn′t able to hold back his tears, and spilled them onstage.

Se7en is known for his confidence, and has always played the part in his 10-year career. He has never shed tears in front of his fans, making his tears more shocking and leading others to shed their tears with him.

The singer sang his debut single Come Back, as well as his other hits Drips, Hikari, La La La and Passion. A total of 25 tracks were sung onstage.

Label mate 2NE1′s Sandara Park dropped by the venue this day, and Big Bang′s Daesung, who is currently promoting in the country, also appeared backstage to show his support for Se7en. Big Bang′s G-Dragon sent a surprise video message, showing their close ties.

On February 8, Se7en will hold another concert in the same venue, and from February 16-17 he will perform in Kobe. In March he will hold a talk concert with his fans in Korea.


Se7en with Crazy and Hi-Tech dancers


YG familyy tagged these kids so I'm assuming they're the ones in the pic? but one name seems to be missing.

Kim Ji Hye, Kim Hee Yun, Lee Min Jung, Park Jung Heon, Kwon Twins (Kwon Young Deuk, Kwon Young Don), Kim Byoung Gun

Se7en is the best (sunbae)

February 4

DARA: Se7en Japanese concert fighting!!! ^_^ I’ve never been to one of your concerts after all this time…ㅠㅠ

SE7EN: Ah really!!?? Is that right?? ㅠㅠ

DARA: Yeah!!! Cause I was in PH and stuff the timing was never rightㅠㅠ I want to go~ ㅋㅋ

February 7

DARA: As expected of Se7en sempai! Amazing
T/N — Sempai is the Japanese version of sunbaenim aka senior/mentor.

SE7EN: thank u DARA~!!!
*NOTE: Dara flew to Japan for Se7en's concert.
se7en dara

Looks like Se7en will have a concert/fanmeet in Seoul

Hi, this is YG Entertainment.
This announcement provides you information on

SE7EN’s 10 year anniversary celebration talk concert `by SE7EN`.
Since his first album `Just Listen` was released in March, 2003,
SE7EN has been receiving much love from fans and
is now about to celebrate his 10 year anniversary.

For the fans who have been supporting SE7EN for these past ten years,
we have arranged a talk concert at which you can gather together and celebrate his anniversary.

At the SE7EN 10th Anniversary Celebration Talk Concert `by SE7EN`,
you will get a chance to listen to all of his hits at once.

It will be the last opportunity to spend time with fans before his enlistment.
We wish to see you at `by SE7EN`!

Please refer to the below for more details.

◆ SE7EN 10th Anniversary Celebration Talk Concert ‘by SE7EN’ ◆

Concert Title : SE7EN 10th Anniversary Celebration Talk Concert ‘by SE7EN’
Date : 2013. 3. 2nd weekend (Details will be announced in the future)
Location : Will be Announced Later
Participation : Anyone who loves SE7EN
※ You can come whether you are a domestic or an overseas resident.
Ticket Price : 50,000 Won

We hope to see you at SE7EN’s 10th Anniversary Celebration Talk Concert `by SE7EN`!

Thank you.

ygfamilyy 1, 2, 3, 4
ygladies 1, 2
@krungy21 1, 2, 3
@officialSE7EN 1, 2, 3, 4
Se7en on facebook
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