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THE JYJ Magazine Compilation post - Definitely a good read PART 1



JYJ members together overcome the Hardships & Lawsuits

Source: The JYJ Magazine
Translated by: Jen (@Jen_BabyLove)
Shared by: JYJ3

About Tokyo Dome
tokyo dome

Source: The JYJ Magazine (The Story of 1,000 Days)
Translated by: Hannah@PrinceJJ
Shared by: PrinceJJ + JYJ3


Translated by: XIAHPRESS
Shared by: XIAHPRESS + JYJ3


Translated by: XIAHPRESS
Shared by: XIAHPRESS + JYJ3

The Story of 1000 Days – Park Yuchun: Casting Away a Fixed Image…”Missing You”

Having dipped into all types of dramas like historical drama, love and comedy, Park Yuchun again challenged a love drama. In MBC drama ‘Missing You’ that started airing on 7 Nov 2012, he acted as Han Jung Woo who exudes valiant masculinity. Putting aside the actor’s standpoint, as viewers, the expectations were also great. With this work, he would transform once again.

“After ‘Rooftop Prince’ ended, I considered what it would be like to cast off the existing image, then Han Jung Woo appeared. Read the script, my heart was stirred, I felt that with just this role, I could do a 180 degree transformation, the chance to change my role has finally come. Although the heart-stirring feeling and a feeling of burden rushed in at the same time, this role was totally different from my previous roles, and I also had the confidence that I could act it sufficiently well.”

Park Yuchun’s worries about acting are now more specific. By chance, he read the news of the interview of actress Jeon Do Yeon, and his passion for acting became even hotter.

“In Jeon Do Yeon sunbae’s (senior) interview, she mentioned Ha Jung Woo sunbae, saying that she never thought he would stand firm as an actor so quickly. This is a statement that contains many thoughts. How does Ha Jung Woo sunbae differ from me, that he could stand firm as an actor in one go? Seeing a person with good acting skills, I can only admire. How to act that way, how to grasp that kind of feeling….. really very envious, really very cool. I think that, as an actor, if you don’t miss out on your own journey of growth, the radiance will not fade. Even if you gathered dust, just shake it off, stride and walk forward , then you will be able to stand in front of everyone with better acting, isn’t it?”

He himself is very strict towards ‘Park Yuchun the actor’, but he is definitely the acting talent that is currently receiving the most attention. In fact, he was also once in the casting selection for some work that had explosive reverberation.

“If the work that I did not choose becomes successful, I will think ‘this is really not mine’. ‘If I acted in it, it may not have that kind of popularity.’ This is how I myself think through it. Of course, I also resolve to find better works.”

Source: @暖日呀呀 (weibo)
Translation: melodysky@ParkYoochunSingaporeFanclub
Shared by: Park Yoochun Singapore Fanclub + JYJ3
TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT to Park Yoochun Singapore FC

Jaejoong's Solo Activities
jj solo

Source: The JYJ Magazine (The Story of 1,000 Days)
Translated by: Hannah@PrinceJJ
Shared by: PrinceJJ (1,2,,3) + JYJ3

JYJ talk about Financial Accounting Team & Success in South America
This is the team who envy us the most. We often hear from them “Seems like we are sending you all that great amount of money. We are envious.” Of course, although they would be joking, just how much would they be shaking if they actually saw that money?(laugh) They are thankful people who truthfully have the role of the mother inside the nest that is CJeS.

As soon as JYJ succeeded at their solo concerts in Chile and Peru as the first Korean artists, broadcasting stations and idol groups were heading there, disputing each other. On that, Kim Junsu said: “Although, we were the one who did the heading to the (bare) ground, it seems like other people are seeing the light. To this thought, although we felt stunned, we also felt a sense of responsibility on one side. That sense of responsibility that we will do what others are hesitating for no matter what. Because being able to show this is also our ability/skill/competence.”

Pic Credits: @Lagrimas__
Translated by: @parksheena6004(1,2)
Shared by: JYJ3

The Story of 1000 Days – Jaejoong’s ‘I Wish’
i wish
For the sake of fans, I want to be more proactive in music activities this year. I will write more songs that are indulgence to the ear as gifts to fans. Especially in this one year, I’ve personally felt the preciousness of my members and fans. I also understand that being together, and continuing to walk together is such a blessing. I hope that the members are healthy. And it would be good if not too many fans go and get married. Haha!

Translated by: @chloe6002
Shared by: JYJ3

More posts to share when I'm free...

I wonder what entertainment company offered them a contract. My guess is Mnet. How about you guys?
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