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Song Ji Hyo & Lee Kwang Soo + Bonus Kwang Soo & HaHa touching each other's butts

Press conference

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I've always thought Kwang Soo was really handsome <3

Song Ji Hyo Says Lee Kwang Soo Is A Loyal Friend

(Does anyone else think she looks a lot like Gong Hyo Jin in that last picture?)

Song Ji Hyo talked about her co-star and castmate, Lee Kwang Soo.

On February 12, actress Song Ji Hyo appeared in MBC’s Good Day and shared her thoughts on co-star Lee Kwang Soo while promoting her upcoming animated film, Maritime Police Marco.

Song Ji Hyo and Lee Kwang Soo have long been coworkers and friends since joining Running Man in 2010.

Lee Kwang Soo expressed his confidence for his character Marco in the animated film, “Even though the just, righteous, and courageous character of Marco may be in juxtaposition against my traitorous character in Running Man, I feel like I resemble 90 percent of the character Marco, because in real life, I try to be just for the most part.”

Song Ji Hyo added, “Despite his character in ‘Running Man’, Kwang Soo is really a man of his word and a loyal friend."

The movie is to release on February 14.

Song Ji Hyo’s real personality is similar to ‘Blank Ji Hyo’

Song Jihyo shared her true personality.

She appeared on MBC’s ‘Good Day’ on the 12th and talked about her friendship with Lee Kwang Soo with whom she worked on the dubbing for the animation ‘Maritime Police Marco’ by saying, “He is a friend that I have spent three years with.”

She continued by saying, “I hope that he will be good to me continuously so I will think of continuing my friendship with him. Just kidding.”

She also talked about being called an ace on SBS’s ‘Good Sunday-Running Man’ by saying, “I think it would be really tiring to be an ace in my daily life. I think my real personality is more like ‘Blank Ji Hyo’. ‘Blank Ji Hyo’ suits me more.

Article 1: enewsworld
Article 2: isplus via notyouroppasandnoonas

Kwang Soo & HaHa grab each other's ass in Macau

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