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Park Shi Yeon and Hyun Young summoned for questioning on Propofol abuse

Article: Actress Park Shi Yeon's official response "Propofol was used for the treatment of her back, it was not a regular use"

Source: Newsen via Nate

Police summoned Park Shi Yeon and Hyun Young for questioning for Propofol abuse. Hyun Young's reps are still checking with her while Park Shi Yeon's reps explained that she was injured while filming action scenes for two films in 2008 which required treatment. She complied with what the doctors recommended, which may or may not have included the use of propofol in the treatment process. Park Shi Yeon is still undergoing investigations.

1. [+342, -21] Why was she getting her back pains treated at a hospital specializing in dermatology and plastic surgery? The police obviously called her in for questioning after discovering all of that... And it's not like you need to be anesthetized every single time you receive treatment for your back...
2. [+335, -21] Lee Seung Yeon said that propofol was used to treat her back aches as well... Is Propofol normally used for back aches?
- Propofol is used as a type of anesthesia for surgery
- Propofol being used for surgical purposes under the direction of a doctor is not the problem here. The problem with all of these actresses being caught by the police is that they used a broker in the middle..
- The police obviously called her for questioning because this excuse is not all there is to the story.
3. [+261, -30] You can't startle these people
4. [+33, -1] Looks like Amy released all their names to the police ㅋㅋㅋ The actresses who were caught must hate her now
5. [+24, -2] How is it that every single actress caught for propofol all have some kind of medical excuse~

Source: Newsen via Nate | Netizenbuzz

Park Shi Yeon T_T
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