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MBC Idol Star Athletic Championships 2013 Part 1 & Cuts [ENG SUB]

The 6th annual MBC Idol Star Athletic Championships was filmed 13/01/28 and was finally aired on 13/02/11.
I think we have all been anticipating watching this so here is PART 1 and some cuts while we wait for the full show to be subbed. 
Please note some of the subs are incomplete where it has been difficult to translate.

Part 1

Exo- M's Luhan's cut

Exo's Tao with his "translator" Suho

Exo Cut

Infinite & Shinee's Minho's Cut

What are your favourite parts so far?

[Spoiler (click to open)]
I laughed watching Suho translate for Tao and then them having to repeat the questions. Aaand Infinite showing their abs...not that there was a whole lot there but still! The opening...Minho's dorky face! 

Sources:   TheHun Tongue EXO Belong to you WISHeeStar KPOPShow Holic
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