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15& release amazing cute cover, turn non-believers

15& and San E Cover '학교를 안갔어!' 'I didn't go to school'


Sch x9 I didn’t go to school! Why?
The teacher said that the JYP kids didn’t go to school, it’s probably the devils, JJ Project
But wait this is unexpected, it was them, 15&
Say it truthfully, if you lie you’re gonna get in trouble
I won’t tell Jinyoung hyung, this oppa is a scary rapper
San E, 15& cosmic sound, should we start it now? Put your hands up in the
Put your hands in the
Put your hands in the
Put your hands in the
What’s your excuse?

What should we do? We didn’t go to school.
No, no it’s not because purposefully didn’t go. We accidentally didn’t go.
It’s true, please believe me. Please just listen to me.
We didn’t do it purposefully, listen to what I have to say.

I actually did go to school, I wore my uniform and I was the first one there.
I actually did study, like my singing, I was number 1 at studying, yes sir.
I was feeling good~ Yes, I’m Kpop Star’s Park Jimin.
I got praised by my teacher and I was feeling so good, but
I heard my mom’s voice in my ears: Jimin, aren’t you going to school?
Ah! What it was a dream?!

Sch Sch Sch Sch I didn’t go to school x4

I have sweet Double K oppa as my alarm.
I’m a good kid, I was brushing my teeth and I went to go look at my face to wash my face but oh my god
You can see the ramen I ate last night, the v-line is gone, my eyes are puffy, what should I do? I automatically cry.
Yo teacher, I’ll tell you by rapping. I have so many things to tell you that singing it won’t be enough.
I didn’t want to hear the guy that I like in my class call me ugly so I’d rather not go!
So that’s why I didn’t go to school, and the next day I made myself look pretty then went to the guy but
he transferred schools!

That’s that’s that’s why you didn’t go to school? x3

Hey guys, excuse you. That’s an excuse? No no? Where’s a good excuse?
*Lyanghyun and Lyangha’s reasons were better, anyways I can’t just let this go

What should we do?

Uhh aegyo?


Ok well that won’t do, I better go tell Park Jinyoung-PD
Jinyoung hyung~ Yerin and Jimin~

No no no~ oppa look
1+1 is cutie, 2+2 is cutie

*Note: Lyanghyun and Lyangha is the original singers of this song

Source: JYPE youtube
Translation: ahyeonnie @ tumblr
Tags: collaboration, jyp entertainment, music, san e

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