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Won Bin - Star Anecdotes

1. 10asia Editor Park Eun Ha: "When he catches you off guard with a dumb little smile looking like a hyung you'd see around the neighborhood.. or look at you and exclaim, 'This question is too hard!' like a junior high school student.. This man manages to shake your heart."

2. Upon finding out that he was sitting next to a blind audience member who expressed a wish to be able to see his face, he guided her hands to his face without hesitation.

3. A person spotted Won Bin in his hometown talking to a random grandma on the street. The grandma, who seemed mentally ill, kept repeating what she was saying to him, but Won Bin would respond each time with a smile, asking back, "Oh, is that so? That must've made you so happy~"

4. Someone was walking the street when they spotted Won Bin in front of a bunch of trash bags. Upon closer inspection, they found that he was talking to something... a street cat. "Come here, oppa will give you food~~"

5. Staff often say that he is extremely shy when you first meet him. He'll greet them with a bow and leave it at that... but once a month passes and he gets used to you, he'll come up to you and start playing jokes. He'll playfully ask to be allowed to sleep in the middle of filming, and once he even stuck his lips out in playful frustration when a staff refused to buy him dinner. It's little things like this that make people feel closer to him and give the impression that he was raised with the utmost respect for manners.

6. "Won Bin hyung looks a lot more shy than you think, but he's actually quite playful once you get to know him. The way we got close is actually a bit of shock... We met in Busan for the first time while he was filming 'The Man From Nowhere'. I was at a restaurant eating alone when he asked to combine tables with me. It was me, Bin hyung, and his manager, but there were only two side dishes of fish. Bin hyung took one and picked out all of the bones before placing it on top of my rice. I was so dazed at that moment that I thought he might've been gay (laughter). Of course he wasn't, but that's just how much of a caring person he is."

7. A journalist noted that his tone of voice was consistent and stable through the entire duration of his interview. Upon mention, he said, "I don't usually raise my voice... There's nothing that you can really solve by raising it, right?"

8. His pay for his pictorial for L'Officiel Homme was donated entirely to UNICEF. Won Bin donates the majority of his time when he's not filming or at home to volunteering with the UNICEF.

9. Won Bin will drink at most three glasses of soju with exercise in moderation. On days he doesn't have any special filming schedules, he'll spend the day home, napping. He has no interest in financial investments. He deposits all of the money he makes into his bank account and leaves it there. He prefers to live his life analog style... He doesn't know what a Cyworld is.. and it'll be a long time before we even see him on Twitter.

10. Won Bin was filming an action scene in a bathroom without a stunt double and ended up injuring his hand with a rip. His martial arts director didn't know he was hurt at first until he spotted Won Bin sucking the blood off of his hand. "I didn't say anything in case filming got delayed because of me." Director Park was impressed, later saying, "He's a work of art. His strong will rivals no other."

11. At a film festival, Won Bin and his manager arrived late to the viewing of a film. There were staff waiting in the back who had to escort everyone to their seats... but Won Bin told them it was okay and watched the rest of the movie while standing in the back because he didn't want to be a bother to the staff or to the people already seated. Later, when they were out to eat, a director spotted Won Bin coming in and asked for a picture. Won Bin said no ^^ because he noticed his staff were eating and didn't want to disrupt them. After the staff said it was okay, he agreed to a picture.

12. An old man was out fishing when he spotted a young man in the river with a net, catching fish by hand. He went down to argue with him, saying that he was disrupting the flow of the river, and the young man apologized, saying he didn't see much fish so he was just catching whatever he saw. The two eventually got close through the ordeal and spent three days out fishing and talking about life... The old man later saw the same young man on television and found out he was Won Bin.

Telzone best reply lmao: "The heavens couldn't have made him so perfect.... I pray that he has a small penis."

International fans are so pressed about him, it's ridiculous.
telzone and pann via netizenbuzz
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